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What to as EP

Hi all, hope you all got through Xmas ok. I just wanted to ask some advice please. I have been diagnosed with either IST or Atrial Tachychardia and have seen EP once and am due to see him again 7th Jan. he put me on 1.25 mg Bisoporol which doesn't seem to have made much difference.....except to bring my BP lower.....already have low BP during nights so not good. Still very breathless, lots of chest pains etc whenever I go anywhere and can't go out alone incase I pass out.

I had a job I teacher in primary school which is in jepardy as I have had a written warning because of my absence. I've been off work with this condition since August this year. If I'm not back by April I will lose my job. I am so upset.

At my appointment with EP I asked about ablation and was told he didn't want to do one as success rate is quite low and the condition may return anyway. Then he prescribed the bisoporol. Any thoughts on what I should push for at my next appointment? I really would like something done to get my life back but he is keen on trial and error with medications, only looking at procedures if none of the medications have which time I will have lost my job. any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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Seriously, no one here is a doctor. You need to trust your EP. They know the details of your case. Educate yourself about your condition, discuss it with the EP and trust they know what they are talking about. Best of everything.


I know nobody on here is a doctor, I was merely asking for advice.


Not trying to be argumenative but why would you seek strangers advice over a doctor's advice? It is one thing to come to a forum and ask if anyone has had the same symptoms, experience or things like that but to ask us whether you should push for an ablation when your EP said he does not recommend one at this time doesn't make sense. Instead of asking us why not seek a second opinion from another EP?


Well I have obviously upset you.... Not my intention at all. Why did I ask.....just in the hope of gaining some support to this new illness......


Not upset at all. I guess you just hit a nerve with me. It is just my belief that forums are great for support and learning more about an illness but I feel doctors know more than we do. I read your post as asking for advice on whether you should push your doctor for an ablation not on support dealing with your illness. Sorry if I misunderstood. I still recommend you get a second opinion from another EP.

I am sorry about your job situation. That really stinks.


Hi Cassie - I would recommend you getting a second opinion too. It will give you a chance to talk your concerns through with someone else - I have just had an ablation and have just had a emergency hospitalisation over the xmas break and have had differing points of view from the hospital staff at odds with one another during that episode, including Doctors - there is no agreement as how to treat things.

However I have taken a step back and thought about this - some were Drs and some were specialists - I trusted my EP who did the ablation (who was my second opinion), and still do, because my quality of life was deteriorating so much I knew something had to be done. Even if you have an ablation now you will probably not get back to work by April. It can be a long road to recovery. So if you can, I would plan in a long period, perhaps a year where you will need time to be treated and recover and then return to work. I know this is easier said than done, but that is more likely where you are. I am trying to be helpful and supportive. I hope I am. Most of the people on this site have been helpful to me.

Its very disconcerting this AF, and I know I wish it were not so, but my advice is try and get as much information as you can so that you can make the right steps for you.

Very best wishes,



Thanks Mickey for your help and support, is hard to hear but I need to hear the realities of this illness. Sorry to hear about you being in hospital over Christmas, I hope things are improving for you. Do you think the ablation has helped. Wishing you all the best for 2015.


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