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Can PAF sometimes be resolved by an Angiogram?

Had a single episode of PAF diagnosed via stress ECG test (symptomless) prior to a single stent in LAD 7 months after diagnosis of 90% blockage (eek!) but absolutely no symptoms since with no AF during 24/7 ECG monitoring and no AF detected in pulse with close monitoring with AliveCorp device. Lost 1.5 stone, eating well, lots of exercise. Question: is there a possibility that the stent actually resolved the initial PAF? I'm 51 don't smoke, stopped drinking entirely 2+ months ago and my consultant has deemed thinners etc unnecessary. First time visitor so all views gratefully received! Many thanks.

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Hi, can I suggest you post this on the A.F forum, as you will get lots of responses to your question.



Thanks very much - an obvious and very sensible suggestion! as a Newbie I'm not quite sure how to 'transfer' a post but I will try and do so. Thanks again: much appreciated.


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