AliveCor product update - Know instantly when an ECG is normal

AliveCor product update - Know instantly when an ECG is normal

“Normal.” The word is particularly meaningful for anyone suffering from a heart arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation (AF).


Today, AliveCor announces the Normal Detector, which gives all users of the AliveCor Heart Monitor the ability to know immediately if their ECG is normal. The Normal Detector runs automatically each time a recording is taken and communicates right away when an ECG is normal. The Normal Detector offers peace of mind to patients, who, before now, had not been given the tools to know immediately, in the moment, when their ECG is normal.


In an effort to continue to offer the easiest recording process possible, today AliveCor is also rolling out the Interference Detector: a simple way to confirm that a recording is high quality enough for both the AliveECG app— and a doctor— to interpret. If an ECG is unreadable for any reason, the Interference Detector will immediately alert the user and give tips about how to take a better ECG next time.

Now, when providers review patients’ data, ECGs will be tagged with AF, Normal, or Unreadable. Having more information at-a-glance about patients’ ECGs will help providers focus on the patient data that is most important to decision-making and follow-up.

Don’t miss out on these new features, available free for a limited time.

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  • I have ordered one of these off Amazon for iphone4 - can I use this with an iPad air? I couldn't find one which said 3rd generation.

  • Hello, you can use the iPhone 4 case with an iPad Air by holding the case against the iPad, adjacent to the microphone. Please do let us know how you get on. Thank you.

  • Thank you but I have returned it and one from Heartarythmia the latest one.

  • Will it work or is it understandable either on its own or can it be used wth a android tablet, ie not using or requiring communication using for personal info only.More info on use etc would be good.

    I'm sure others must interested in these points?.................

  • Hi allwobbly, the device is compatible with some Android devices - you can learn more about the device compatibility here: Both the app and an AliveCor monitor are required to record an ECG. Many thanks.

  • My Alivecor heart monitor saysundetermined because it has gone over a 100, why?

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