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Lovely bisoprol

I was originally given 2.5mg but brought me to a stop. Spoke to cardiologist and I spoke to him about reducing to 1.5 and he was happy with this. Unfortunately my blood pressure has started to rise, which I have not had problems with before even Sotolal . At mo it's 169:107. As I have changed GP recently he wants to wait until he has my full records before changing anything. So I thought in the meantime I better go back upto 2.5mg. I wondered if this had happened to anybody else on the change from Sotolal to Bisoprol ?

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Hi poppyseed, please have a look at the HealthUnlocked page of our sister charity AF Association, healthunlocked.com/afassoci... - many of the posts on here include reference to beta-blockers and antiarrhythmics and I wonder whether reading through might just some of them might be helpful. Alternatively, please give us a call on 01789 867 501 where we can share some of our own learning around this. Many thanks.


You will get used to and tolerate the dose. I was on 20mg of Bisoprolol. Now on 20mg Nebivolol which I'm led to believe is an even more powerful beta.


Thanks for sharing , oddly my bp has increased dramatically and now taking Ramipril on top of bisoprol


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