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Heard on the helpline

My heart starts to race and then skips a beat or two, I feel very light-headed can you help?

Yes - first you should visit your doctor for advice, there may be a simple explanation as to what is happening or he or she may decide to send you for further tests.

In many cases, palpitations, or awareness of the heartbeat, may feel very frightening but actually be quite safe. Many palpitations are due to extra beats that cause the heart to pause for a second or two. This can feel as if the heart is about to stop and be very frightening, but in fact there is no threat of this. In many cases an electrical disturbance causing awareness of the heartbeat occurs in the absence of any other heart problem. Palpitations can occur when there is no risk whatsoever of a heart condition/problem.

Arrhythmia Alliance has information leaflets explaining the various tests and eventual diagnosis. We are happy to answer your questions and signpost you to relevant organisations once you have a diagnosis. Please give us a call on 01789 867 501.

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