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Can I Drink Alcohol With Heart Palpitations or not?

I've been having The Heart Palpitations for about 2 Months now. Today they feel like pauses in My Pulse Rate which are slightly longer than they usually feel I think. I have drank in the 2 Months I have been having the Heart Palpitations before but I can't remember if I was having alot of pauses in My Pulse Rate on the Days that I Have. Is it Ok to Drink Alcohol with them or not. I know it can increase The Heart Palpitations but will they increase the length of the pauses as well as the frequency or not? If it was a dangerous Arrhythmia would my drinking before have effected them?

Thank You .


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Hi, we advise that anyone with concerns about palpitations should always consult their GP. If you keep a diary of your palpitations you might be able to identify other triggers such as eating spicy foods or caffeine. Always speak to your GP when making lifestyle changes; why not try to reduce lifestyle changes by using relaxation techniques? It is possible drinking may be a trigger for your palpitations and reducing the amount you drink will reduce the number of palpitations you experience.


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