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Can a hysteoscopy miss external fibroids. I have a lot of symptoms that would point towards them, but they did not see them in my hysteroscopy? I have my hysterectomy next Friday and I’m worried they will find them and make surgery turning out not to be laperoptic

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I had fibroids on the outside of my womb as well as inside it. The ones outside weren’t visible on the Hysteroscopy . They should be visible on an ultrasound if you’ve had one I would have thought?

i had an ultrasound twice which did not detect other fibroid cells. during the hysterectomy the doctor found out the extent of the fibroids and had to take out my cervix as well, which was not initially the plan. but they were all able to take out everything laparoscopically. the initial fibroid diagnosis was about 15cm by 10cm.

I had a hysterectomy 14 months ago where I knew I was losing everything as well as my womb. I knew I had fibroids, three had shown up on my ultrasounds for years and I’d also had an mri and a hysteroscopy. However when I had the hysterectomy there were five as two were hidden behind my womb. The surgeon said it made things a little more tricky and the op took slightly longer but everything still came out by laparoscopic surgery and I have the tiniest scars ever

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