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Two steps forward


Hi guys

Well today I felt pretty normal.

Driving today with no pressure pains and unexpected sharp pains in the little girls room. Stomach still a little tender and very swollen but my wounds seemed to of healed good

It's just great to gain a little control back into my life and have a bit of responsibility.

I loved picking up my son from primary school today on my own. The little things and how we take them for granted ey. I've been taken note and listening to everyone to just relax but it has been hard. Enjoying all my TV recordings and not missing any of my soaps. You really do have to listen to your own body and making yourself aware of the capability you can do each day by not over doing things.

Since my op I've been uniform/food shopping painted the garden decking cleaned the house top to bottom at least once a week cooking bathing the dog and attended a few nights out. But as much as I've felt at the time I've been fine Ive certainly took four steps back when Ive done to much.

I've been resting loads these past few days and its definitly paid off. I am still bleeding a little and currently on antibiotics for my bladder infection but felt so much better.

Due back in work on the 1st Nov. Glad I took 8 weeks off instead of 4. I work as a mental health support worker so my job is very demanding looking after all the clients with head injuries but also rewarding.

Have to say I don't think I could survive another month on SSP it's shockingly low. I have my wedding to pay for in Aug next year and know that's gonna pay for it in a hurry lol.

My partner has been very supportive but my girls age 16 and 21 have surprised me as I've had no support at all from them. That's really upset me I assumed we where closer then that for them to realise I needed alot of help. They will realise one day i suppose.

I hope you have all had a pain free day today xxxxx

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Glad you're doing ok Hun.

Thanks Jean hope your ok x

Glad you are feeling on the mend 😊 The human body is amazing isn't it?

You have my sympathy regarding thoughtless daughter!! Mine is lovely but sooooo untidy and slooooow to actually get around to hoovering /washing up. If I had £1 for every time she said "I was going to do that". . . "Yeah??? WHEN"????? Lol 😂

My daughters been 16 and 21 live on another planet Anna

the first few days i was home she was praising and running around after other people with gifts and attention due to a anniversary. i seen red! even had the cheek to wonder why i wasnt capable of driving. lol. i will remember all this when they both need me but knowing me it will only be a raised eyebrow. Would never hold a grudge. I suppose we go soft as we get older. Thanks for your kind words.

Hope your keeping ok x

We have three children aged almost 22 24 and 27 . . . Thought they had all left home . . . Downsized to a tiny cottage by the sea, our dream home ❤️ And now youngest is back, reluctantly, and boy, Don't we know about it!! Yet she keeps telling people she moved back to look after me! Lol 😂 Currently working in a bar on minimum wage trying to get post grad job so it's not her fault but it wouldn't kill her to push the Hoover round 😕

Glad you are healing 😊 Take care xx

I'm glad you are feeling good. It is so good to get a bit of independence back. I'm sure your teenage daughters don't mean to be thoughtless. My mum had cancer when I was 17. I still feel bad to this day that I wasn't more helpful and supportive to her but, at the time, I was a selfish teenager with my own things (which must have seemed important at the time) going on. My mum and I are so close. She has been such a support while I have been recovering. Sometimes you need to be grown up with your own family before you truly have any understanding of how important family is.


IndigoBlue61 in reply to KA410

Wise words 😊 There is no one like your mum ❤️ Xx


Broderskim39 in reply to KA410

So true... I put it down to an age thing. Even tho it still hurts that they want more from me whilst recovering. Hope your mum is ok now and your well as can be x

KA410 in reply to Broderskim39

Thanks. I am feeling much much better the past few days. Definitely getting there. (My Mum had cancer in her lymph-nodes 20 years ago and thankfully it was successfully treated and has never recurred.) xx

Broderskim39 in reply to KA410

Awww your poor mum. Glad she's had the all clear. The big C is still very scary. Wish there was a cute for it x

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