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Should i be tsking HRT after total abdominal hysterectomy


Hi ladies.... i had a full abdomonal hysterectomy including removal of ovaries some 15 weeks ago.

I take nothing at all so far.... i have swrays but not bad and i get very restless at night. My tummy has healed but its far from flat seens to go up and down... swelly belly?

Do you think i should be on some sort of HRT... the consultant didnt advise at all.... lol

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Jane x

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I had the same 7 months ago. Like you my tummy isn’t flat I have been left with a bit of a saggy belly to be honest (had very enlarged uterus so I guess I got stretched a bit). And sometimes I get swelly belly, usually if I have done too much. I was 61 when I had my op and past menopause so no hrt for me. Have you spoken to your GP?

Hi , what was the reason for the hysterectomy and how old are you?

Hi, I’m in on Monday for this op. I was told from my oncologist that I will be given HRT, but this is because I’ve not entered menopause yet.

It depends on your age and whether you’ve been through the menopause xx

I'm 6 wkpo and still like I have a bowling ball in there. It has went down a little consultant said up to 3months.

I'm on her 10days as wanted something before my natural reserve ran out ( no ovarues) I'm still v slow and need pain meds as back nipping in bed. It's a long process not one I expected at all .

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