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Three months post op and still pain

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Wondering how long people typically take to heal? Three months today I had a full hysterectomy plus ovaries. Extensive Edno covering all organs and three large endometriomas. Bladder, kidneys, urethra and bowel were all caught up in the mess and had to be "dissected" out. I feel great when I do nothing physical. All done via keyhole surgery. Walking is fine, but the moment I try and push a shopping trolley or lift something heavy or twist rapidly I'm in pain for the next day. Sitting at a computer & extended times also makes me ache. Am I trying to rush things or is this normal? The pain is similar to what ovulation used to be like. Very sharp, deep pain on RHS and down leg.

Just over trying to be good and not functionally normally. Feel guilty my 11 year old has to push the shopping trolley and carry all the shopping inside.

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My operation wasn't anything like as invasive as yours (TAH BSO) and I took the full 3 months, and even now I get twinges if I do too much, so I would suggest give it a bit more time :( I was told 3-6 months and I've heard even up to 12 :)

If your worried do you have a number you could phone? Or even your GP or practice nurse?

Best wishes 😊

Don't want to worry you but it's your bodies way of telling you you are doing too much. It takes 12 months or more to heel as we are all unique and heal at different times. You have had major surgery with the Hysterectomy without the endo.

I had total hysterectomy oophorectomy and was cut vertically.

If you are offered help and need it take it. Although I appreciate its frustrating but my family pretty much done everything for me this past few weeks and it will be 7 weeks this coming Wednesday and was still told no lifting as I go back to work on Friday.

Had to go and get scar checked yesterday as it was puffy and hot at the bottom and it's internal stitches that are yet to dissolve no infection thankfully and the numbness in my left arm still hasn't completely gone.

Still need to sit down between doing housework jobs and can only manage small amounts of ironing.

I would sooner alter the way I do things for the next year or so than go back to the state I was in the past 8 months.

Chin up keep smiling we will all get there

Good advice there Gremlin16 😊


I spoke to nurse about this and said it's because Im trying to do too much too soon.

Going to DR today about hot flushes and will mention this again. Also have still not got 100 percent feeling in my left arm.

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