failed abortion

After how many weeks can someone go for scanning to find out if the child is developing normally? Am so worried this is my first pregnancy, I wanted to abort it on the first place but after taking the pill the abortion failed nothing happened, no pain, cramps, no blood clots. Then I decided that I should just keep it but am very worried because I heard there are serious birth defects.

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  • hoping all works out well for you and your baby. go and ask your gp to send you for a scan it must be mental torture for you. sorry to hear this. god bless you. love grace xoxoxo🙏

  • Thank you grace with your advice I did the same, unfortunately when I went for scanning it showed that there was no development so I had to go for D&C. I really thank you grace. May God bless you. I love you too

  • im so sorry to hear that dear. i hope that this will not upset you to much, god bless you dear. sending love and prayers. love grace xoxo 🙏❤️

  • Thank you my dear.

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