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Feeling depressed then as if some chemical changes happen in the brain and feel uplifted

Does this ever happen to someone when they are feeling low, depressed, worried and anxious to the point of tears and then suddenly there is a shift in the brain and a feeling of happiness be it all briefly. I am taking T4 100mcgs and T3 12.5 been hypothyroid for 19 years. Not feeling any better, just started Vit D recently by doctor as low reading.

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Have you heard of Truehope? I just read that they can "cure" what ails most people with vitamins and minerals.


Thanks for that Jennmiles I read it but it seems to be for ADHD.


Have you tried contacting the British Thyroid Foundation? They support people with thyroid disorders. They have information leaflets, and helpline numbers are here:


Thank you for that Emily I am in touch with them.


I do recognise what you are saying and this happens to me sometimes because I go out or have a cup of coffee (benefits of daylight and caffeine). I also find if I take 5HTP, marketed as Serotone or similar, I get a simple lift which certainly helps on days when I get up feeling very low.


Hello AnnieF I have not heard of this product can it be bought over the counter?


Yes. It's a product made from the herb Griffonia simplicifonia. I buy mine online from some people called Higher Nature in Sussex but you can buy it from Holland and Barrett. H&B just call it 5-HTP. Google for more info. The dosage is 50-100mg, important of course not to exceed and it acts to provide your body with the precursor to serotonin (so you can't take it if your taking Prozac or similar). I find I can take it occasionally or for a week or two at a time and it gives a wonderful light lift with no side effects. I know others have also found it very helpful.


Do check with your GP before you try something new. And ask about possible drug interactions (drugs can interact not only with other drugs but with herbal remedies).

There is a warning on the National Institutes of Health, USA website about 5-HTP, and information on the chemical:

For more information about weighting claims about treatments:

And drug interactions, on page 21 of this guide:


Given the name of the forum, it will of course lean towards saying everything needs to be evidence based and urge caution. Nevertheless, 'evidence' within conventional medicine is always skewed towards what the pharmaceutical companies are prepared to pay for and that will be something they can see as patentable and profitable for the future. Hence they are never interested in herbal remedies or alternative medicine that they can't isolate and break down into something saleable.

Medicine is also littered with evidence of drug side effects, medical 'mistakes' and problems which the general public rarely get to hear about. Research which is initially rejected (the understanding that h pylori are responsible for a fair percentage of stomach ulcers being a good one) is sometimes completely turned on its head at a later date.

The NIH website is full of cautions and American medicine is the most regulated in the world and fiercely subject to the power of the corporates and insurance world. If only we had their technology and willingness to pay for serious medical testing.

Responses to the effects of drugs on humans are interestingly biassed, hence we are told pesticide residues and flouride in water are in such infinitesimal quantities that we really don't need to bother our little heads about that, whereas a drug made from a herb with actually, very few side effects and those noticed as a result of massive overdosing of rats (poor old rats) are headlined as though we were taking our lives in our hands by even taking a tiny sip, the sort we are told is of no consequence when its a drug that is made by a pharmaceutical!!!

It's nonsense and only the unwise take either drugs or 'advice' without a pinch of salt and a good deal of research of one's own followed by some careful testing of one's own.

The conventional world of drug manufacture knows full well that drug uptake in any individual will be moderated by whether the person is male or female, where the woman is in her menstrual cycle, what weight the individual is, pre-existing conditions and now, by the genotype. Is this taken into account when drugs are handed to us, no!

Nothing is simple and trying to pretend it is is no different to trying to medicate an entire population eg. with statins and ignoring the many side effects those cause! Thank goodness enough doctors are willing to stick their heads over the parapet and say 'this may not be the whole story'.


Hi Marmaris,

I too am Hypothyroid and on T4 100mcg.

I had Brain Fog, definitely was 'NOT' depression as I felt too happy to have depression, more confused and not being able to concentrate for long, I also had Fibromyalgia.

Someone on Thyroid UK said to take my T4 at night times or 4 hours away from iron and calcium/dairy foods and on an empty stomach. I did so and within two days, I woke up and straight away realized my eyes were brighter, my head felt clearer, I jumped out of bed and wondered where all my aches and pains had gone, they'd all fallen away overnight, normally I'd slowly get out of bed and take up to a minute to straighten up.

This miracle only lasted 2 weeks, :( but it was enough to make me realize that I wasn't just getting old and that it must be a chemical/hormone imbalance still.

Doc upped my medication T4 and I felt better also now have the B12 (24 hour) patches with added vitamin B's, K etc. in them, they give me and Hubby a 'lift', vitamin D3 we found got rid of Hubby's and my cramps and my tailbone pain, meant to be good for back pain too, now looking to get some magnesium too.

Also read today recommendation of taking T4 and T3 apart, but check that one out Marmaris.

Can't believe 19 years of Hypothyroidism and you are still not any better, ? but I do know out of experience and listening to my body that Vitamin and Minerals are the way forward.

I would love to try what a lot of Hypothyroid Americans are on, the old fashion ( NDT) 'Natural Dessicated (Pigs) Thyroid' that we use to be given in the UK before the synthetic T4 came about.

NDT is meant to treat all of the thyroid, not like T4 which the majority of us are given in UK that only treats T4 (and converts to T3 if you are one of the lucky ones) :(


I wonder, did you have a high-fructose or high-glycaemic diet that contributed to disruption of your hormones too?


Is this what you experienced Concerned ? are you talking of an absorption gut problem ?

I've never thought of connecting a high-fructose or high-glycaemic diet with a disruption of hormones. I do try to keep to good foods, and I'm not really into biscuits, cakes and don't normally eat puddings after meals, I'm no way perfect though, I do take sugar in my coffees and teas. :O

Will just add that I did have terrible salt cravings at one point, others with experiences of it suggested it was connected with my adrenals screaming out for help.


Hi Coastwater I have been taking Vit D now for 8 weeks and awaiting recheck of blood results. The pain in my arm has gone but foot is still bad I have what I think is osteoarthritis of the toe, very painful and feel like an old woman when I get up. I am wanting to try B12 patches can you get them on prescription? I had all checked but looking back at all these B12 ferritin and folate etc they were not optimized. When you said you HAD what do you mean? Has it gone? This is a label that doctors can give you, they have told me it is Spnondylitos that I have in my neck and arm. Had root nerve block done in January but pain is back, doctor has given me amityptiline but do not want to take even in small doses. I would love to get Amour, but only just been given NHS T3 by Endo (only toook 19 years), trialling for 3 months do not feel all that better with it. Tried Cynomel mexican and felt it was better. I do take my T4 on an evening and T3 10mcgs morning and afternoon. I have also read about magnesium.


Marmaris are you also on Thyroid UK ? if so did you post up your last blood results ?

Today I also read about Reverse T3, have a read about it on TUK, that wouldn't connect to you would it, (just a thought.) Can't believe you were left ill for so long, many years ago patients were diagnosed by symptoms and not by bloods that don't often show what is really going on inside us, especially if we are not converting T4 to make enough T3. So many Hypothyroid's are being missed out because their bloods are showing 'within range', but they still have Hypothyroid symptoms, feel so ill, but are not being helped.

I asked for my Levothyroxine to be upped as my Fibromyalgia symptoms came back, my bloods were showing 'within range' so my bloods were telling My Doctor I was all OK, but I really felt crap again, my Doctor asked someone higher up for advice before I was given the 'Yes' I could have my Levo upped. My bloods did not show the true picture of what was really happening inside me, many Hypothyroids I speak to on our forum site are having the same problem trying to convince their Doctors to treat them by symptoms like they did in the 'good old' days rather than rely on the blood tests.

Glad you take your T4 and T3 apart M.

Is that Armour you mentioned an NDT ? (Natural Dessicated Thyroid)


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