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Any way to remove the blister signs of Herpes?

The embarrassing blister or pustule  signs of Herpes, is usually regarded with disgust by the general public, it can be passed innocently on via contact to another person. That person can  be 'scarred' for the rest of their lives. Is there any way of curing this condition, or at least remove their embarrassing 'side effects'?

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I take Lysine to help with cold sores. Usually if I start it when i first feel like there is an itchy/hot feeling it will make it stop or be significantly smaller. I'm not sure the actual dosage you are suppose to take, you might ask a professional.


I also take L-Lysine 1 huge pill, 1000 units, daily.   This is a necessary amino acid that the body does not make so you must take it or make sure you get the right quantity in your diet. This site tells you everything you need to know.

Also Abreva ointment, though costly, does stop those early blisters in their tracks and they don't seem to get big but just dry up.