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I have epilepsy, and I enjoy my food, being a qualified chef. I was told my cholesterol was too high, so was prescribed medication for this condition. I then began to suffer from muscle weakness, which I was prescribed physiotherapy treatment, I became breathless, so had to exercise more, which did not help with my two new other conditions. Plus I still gained weight, my blood pressure also increased. I even started having nightmares, less sleep?? I suggested to my GP that I should come off these 'pills', which I really thought he would say 'No!', but he threw my medication into his bin then asked "Anything else?" I was able to move around easier, more exercise a combination of coming off these things plus no muscle pain. Blood pressure improved, cholesterol dramatically decreased. Even the relief of this has 'calmed' myself down and I have had less seizures. Oh, and no more nightmares!

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  • What a nightmare Adlon, I am glad you have got off those pills. Can I make an educated guess that the pills happen to be called statins?

  • Typical statin side effects -so sorry you had to go through this. And in any case cholesterol levels are meaningless without knowing your LDL particle size!! The best way to get a healthy cholesterol profile is to eat less carbohydrates and more saturated fat!! Being on a strict LCHF that will allow your body to enter ketosis may well improve your epilepsy - ketogenic diets are a proven treatment for epilepsy. (amongst all the other health benefits)

  • Serious "side effects" of statins are a regular topic over in Thyroid UK.

    There are many stories of poor cholesterol levels. Always seem to resolve when the person gets decent thyroid hormone levels...

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