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Please help

So yesterday i met with my dr. i did stress test in which i nearlt passed out at the end. But went 14 minutes. Blood pressure went up to 140/80 pulse got to 180.

later he told me i was fine and results were all normal. I am still having this weird chest pressure like low were ypur brea aut bone is and in the middle eapecially when pressing there. I am very Upset because im scared i could be walking aruond having heart attack or pass out in front of my kids. My cholesterol was perfect and so was ejection fracturE. Im scared. Everyonekeep saying anxiety and fear. After reading google it has frightend me

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I just deleted my reply as I checked how many posts you do on here, If you have had anxiety for 10 years you need serious psychiatric help, not asking people on here and getting confusing non professional advice.



Try the Anxiety Support web page you will find support there for that condition. it is one of the sites of HEALTH UNLOCKED

Looking at you blood pressure 140 is a little high although it is not serious and the GP would have taken note of the reading. The result could be caused by white coat stress, having the test or just being upset.

Part of Anxiety you will be worried be any associated by your body and the worry would be causing you to be sensitized to the feelings you are suffering from

Your GP if He thinks you are suffering from above may make appointments and tests in Hospital to put your mind at rest

All I can suggest is trust in your GP. I suffered a blood pressure that was set at 140, although they knew I was suffering from Chronic Pain from a medical condition, I am about 65 and now on statins.

My blood pressure now is 128/78 ALTHOUGH THAT CAN VARY FROM DAY TO DAY OR WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN WALKING AROUND OR SOMETHING. That is why your GP may take several blood pressures to get an average reading.

So all seems ok there always take the advice of your GP as I am not a Doctor



That blood pressure reading was while i was doing the strezs test. My normal bp is 90/60


Hi there,

The British Heart Foundation have a helpline:

and so do Anxiety UK:

You could put your questions to them.




The lower blood Pressure test is ok although if we are under some form of stress it will rise. Generally the reading of 140 is always noted although it is on the high side it is ok and generally if it is above you will be given encouragement to reduce weight etc. If you are suffering Anxiety it will be high or above a normal reading. especially if you are stressed.

My blood Pressure was set within that high range, and I was encouraged to loose weight. I am sixty four now and generally at my time of life they prescribe Statins etc to lower it to a more acceptable level.

All I can suggest if you are still feeling something is not normal you will need to see your GP, although He has tried to calm your anxiety . Emily has given e mail addresses and the site on HEALTH UNLOCKED is a very good site that I attend, it has a larger following than here. Give it a try

All the best



NHS Choices offers info on "medically unexplained symptoms" including heart palpitations .

It also has a series of "mood" podcasts, including this one on anxiety control


My hubby is having the same problem but everyone thinks he's imagining this...has now been told to have pain management but wants to know what's causing the pain one seems to take him seriously & its getting worse...has had stent a few months ago, they keep blaming meds etc, are you on any meds?