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Feeling guilty fat and ruined

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Gorgeous black bean beef and black bean sauce from the Chinese shop.Homemade boiled rice.

Earlier on children's happy meal chicken nuggets and a mince and custard pie.

Just to finish my self Sabotage I ate milk chocolate buttons I am no ginormous! I am now 66.6 kg I want to go down by 2 kg and I don't even know how when.

After Christmas I will be a hippo I've been invited to a Christmas coffee morning with free mince pies help me, help me try and save me before I can't stop!!

5 Replies
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Sometimes days like this happen, you just need to put it behind you and move on. Beating yourself up won't help.

Are you trying to limit your calories? I find if I cut them too low, I end up with days where nothing seems to be enough.

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I have battled with my weight from my teenage years (I am now 70). I am in the UK. I was in self denial for many years, refusing to admit that I had a problem. I suffered with back problems which limited my exercise potential. Then my GP was very blunt with me. She said I was obese! That if I didn't lose weight I would be in danger of becoming diabetic.

I was angry, upset and in pain. I went home and cried and then thought, 'I'll show you lady'. I joined Slimming World and believe me I never looked back. That was 15 years ago. I lost over 4 stones, my back was much better and I felt healthier. It is not a diet, more a way of life, changing what you put in your supermarket trolley, avoiding the 'fat' aisle. We now eat a Mediterranean diet. My weight has stayed off, I walk on average 4/5 miles every day and work hours in my garden. Do have a look.

Please, please however, stop beating yourself up! We are all human, and all have days when we don't like ourselves. Stay strong and put binge days behind you.

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It's thinly sliced beef in a black bean sauce.

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It's really tough, to cut back on food, especially at this time of year, and if you have young children. Enjoy Christmas , try to take some exercise if you can, then in the New Year try Slimming World or Weight Watchers both of which are really good, you get so much support and it can be fun. Best wishes and good luck!

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Yes it is lovely

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