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Christmas chocolates help !

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Ate lots of salad with a small bit of pizza . Still loads of chocolates in the house . Any tips on avoiding Christmas goodies? I’ve made sure there’s lots of fruit in the house…..

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JoyfulJane, oh MY Goodness. My appetite for all things sweet went crazy... now l am trying to be good. Luckily there are only a few treats left in my house. My thoughts are...

1. Make a healthy menu for January (& stick to it).

2. Make a healthy menu for February & allow myself one small dessert each week.

3. Ice cream is my downfall so lwill not bring it in to the house. l will only eat it when socializing with friends at our favorite outdoor place.

I know l will cheat but l also know l will do my best.

Sending Vertual Hugs... GreatGranni B

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JoyfulJayne in reply to Motts

Thank you Motts .. I’m going to start menus for January … I’ll put away. / give away the chocolate hanging around . That’s my downfall …Have a happy new year ! X

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Motts in reply to JoyfulJayne

I have a friend that makes yummy huge Chocolate Turtles... She Blessed us with 4 bags... 3 are gone (unfortunately all me)... l hope to give the last bag to friends on Friday (but they may be gone before their visit).

Oh no, it sounds like you need to have a word with your friend and ask her if next year she can offer them to the hospital staff, or a homeless charity as you sound like you are addicted to chocolate, or are like my boyfriend, see food eat it... Good luck Dee

My friend sells her chocolate turtles to raise money for the children's center where she volunteers. And yes l am addicted to them... at 73 it is one of the pleasures l allow my self... if all of our children could have made it home for Christmas l would have only eaten my usual 2... damn covid

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JoyfulJayne in reply to Motts

What a kind person x

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Motts in reply to JoyfulJayne

Yes she is and she has a great laugh... the kind that lights up a room!

We had the same JoyfulJayne and I put them in the local food bank and gave some to the local care homes... might that be an option? It is difficult if other people want to keep them though. Good luck, I feel for you. I simply cannot have things in the house I have so little willpower!

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Maybe give some of it away? Pop it in a nearby foodbank collection?

Get it out the house, but in a nice way, so you don't feel like it's a waste :)

Good bank definitely a good idea . Thank you x

Hi JoyfulJayne Good luck with your distribution of those choccies. I tend to try to only buy what I intend to eat, and I also try to ration them daily. I just shared my lunch collage, and you can see I gave myself a few choccies today - but once the New Year comes I'll be back to my usual 1 or 2 pieces of dark chocolate. That's my normal routine for chocolate.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Zest :-)

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JoyfulJayne in reply to Zest

I think a few pieces of dark chocolate would be a good option . Thanks

I thought I might go with one chocolate occasionally & give the rest to my school choir / orchestra & food bank . My husband buys too many !!

I just discovered that the chocolate angels I put on my Christmas tree 🎄 have been eaten by mice ☹️

For other less drastic solutions, other than festive occasions I try to only eat treats at the weekend as I also have no self discipline and can't seem to eat only one chocolate once I start. So I try to only snack at the weekend. Though as Zest says,dark chocolate is good 👍

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Leftover chocolates are as dangerous as tiny bombs JoyfulJayne! They are my downfall too! I tend to allow myself one last binge on my favourites, and then I refuse to consider any waste of money and tip the rest firmly into the bin. Better in the bin than on my hips!

A minute on the lips, forever on the hips. (I didn’t make that up) lol

I'm afraid that too much fruit won't help as it will raise your blood sugar and make you want to snack.

Put them in the bin. I avoid overeating unhealthy foods now by not having them in the house. Luckily I've always loved crunchy veg and fruit like carrots, sugarsnap peas or apples so I'm never short of snacks. Personally I'd feel guilty about shifting the problem to someone else. My mother did that all the time to me when I was a kid, criticise my weight then shove food at me and look where it got me - gastric bypass surgery. Actually she criticised everything which made me want to eat it.

I collect up all the Christmas sweeties and put them out of sight in a spare bedroom, out of sight out of mind

I tried that, too for Christmas goodies. I forgot about all the important things, but my radar couldn’t bypass the chocolate. Maybe I need to admit that I’m powerless over sugar. HeeHee….

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