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I would like to know about what are right and wrong food habits?? Also what does Healthy living means to you?

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Healthy Living means almost no animal products except the eggs from my own hens. Healthy for me and healthy for the planet.

For me, healthy living is about food, sleep, exercise, and friendship. The food part means eating lots of fresh veg, ideally home grown when I can, knowing where my meat, eggs and cheese have come from, and never touching sugar.

Healthy living is about getting what the body (and mind) needs; not too much, and not too little. Unfortunately, societally we've been sold an idea that fundamentally we aren't suited to. We don't have the proportionally huge hind gut of a chimp or gorilla for example, so we don't have the tools onboard for bacteria to breakdown the large amount of fibrous vegetation into fat that they do. Ergo we are designed to get most of our energy from eating the fat directly, probably from large fatty animals, bone marrow and brains. Luckily we have a wider variety to choose from such as eggs, olives, nuts, avocado, seeds, coconut, duck/goose fat, or full fat dairy too.

Most people eat way too much carbohydrate (more than adequate to replenish stores of glycogen), meal after meal, day after day, year after year, the excess converting to the visceral fat, triglycerides and VLDL contributing to chronic ill-health. You will no doubt hear from others that fat causes cholesterol and blocks arteries, but this is based on misinformation. Insulin is necessary to instruct the body to lay down fat, and ingested fat itself is the least likely nutrient to stimulate insulin. This is driven by organisations such as the USDA promoting sales of their crops under the guise that it is healthier for the planet for instance.

Eating too few carbohydrates results in the body being stressed to make up the deficit from other foods - the keto diet.

Exercise-wise, strengthening and aerobic exercise improve or maintain functional capacity. Again, too much is as bad as too little, so the closer to the right amount, the healthier one will tend to be. We work on a circadian rhythm of about 24.2 hours for instance, so it isn't wise to short cut recovery by having less than that between finishing one training session and commencing the next.

Strengthening exercises require adequate warm-up, then challenging the muscles by striving to control muscle contractions with increasingly heavier weights, fewer reps per set for the amount of sets necessary to stimulate adaptation.

Aerobic exercise, again after warm-up, requires in-line with the following:

10 minutes at an average of 150 beats per minute or

20 minutes at 140 bpm or

45 minutes @ 130 bpm or

90 minutes @ 120 bpm or

3 hours @ 110 bpm.

God bless you.

It seems you are following a strict schedule. Long way to go. Cheers

Hello for me it's about balance as with life avoid processed foods I don't have any fat except good fat which is eggs and omega 3 in fish and cold pressed rapseed oil as fat causes cholestrol and block veins, I eat lots of fruit and veg and wholemeal bread not wheat it's kinda on the gut, avoid sugar avoid meat have lots of exercise avoid alcohol or moderation I drink non alcohol or sometimes mix I only have 2 small glasses,I try to get entry sleep or meditation 🤗

Whydothis in reply to Curly1_

I agree it's about balance, even if we disagree on some of the details!One big disagreement though - you make it sound as though wholemeal bread is not wheat - but it is! Wholemeal simply means it is all the wheat, not just refined white flour.

Curly1_ in reply to Whydothis

I saw video about gut and things rip it wheatgerm but not wholewheat that's all I know 🤗

Whydothis in reply to Curly1_

Wheat consists of the white middle, which is the only bit that gets into white flour, the wheatgerm, which is the bit that would grow into a new plant, and the outer layers, or bran, which is the fibre and much of the protein in wheat. Wholemeal, or wholewheat, both mean all three parts - and if you eat wheat at all this is much better than just the processed white flour with the better bits removed.

Then there is the whole discussion about whether we eat too many cereals and especially too much wheat these days, as the amount in most people's diets makes the diet very unbalanced with not enough vegetables, proteins and fats.

I understand balancing in life is very important & exercise plays a major role. Came across a article about eating what is good for health. Sharing for ur reference.


Thanks 🤗

MUST CHANGE DIET this is tough but can not articulate how important this is, we are what we eat and it affects everything with MS. I can recommend three cookbooks; Runners World Cookbook, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook there a bunch to choose from and The American Heart Association Cookbook when you seriously change your diet good things start to happen but it is very difficult to get into the routine but I believe it does help slow the progression of MS dramatically.

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