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Healthy Eating Celebrations/Special Events for August 2022

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Hi everyone. These are the special events/celebrations coming up for the month of August. The information is originally posted on's website. The first event is for August 6th-- Mustard Day. For those who enjoy having mustard on certain foods-- like I personally do, this is a great way to celebrate the different ways to add it to meals as a topping or mixed in with a recipe. One of my favorite foods with mustard is a cold cheese sandwich I sometimes have when I'm at home.

Please see below for more information at:

August 6th: Mustard Day:

August 7th: National Raspberries n' Cream Day:

August 7th-13th: National Farmer's Market Week:

August 8th-14th: National Afternoon Tea Week:

August 9th: National Rice Pudding Day:

August 11th: National Raspberry Bombe Day:

August 18th: National Fajita Day:

If you have any pictures of the foods/meals you prepare with the special foods for the month of August, we'd like to see them either on this posting as a comment and/or on a new posting when you're ready.

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Wow! There goes my diet happily out the window. Thanks for the heads up, Activity2004. 🤭🤗

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Isinatra

Awe! Mustard has no fat or carbs./cals. in it. I use it instead of ketchup for burgers and hotdogs when we have barbeques/cookouts. :-)

I found a few more goodies to add to the list…..

August 4 Chocolate chip cookie day

16 Bratwurst day

19 Potato day

20 Chocolate pecan pie day

23 Sponge cake day

24 Waffle day


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Isinatra

We can use/add some of these to our Events section. Thank you for letting all of us know, Isinatra. These will be great to read/try when the days and/or weeks come to celebrate them. Will add them now. :-)


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August is also Goat Cheese Month. Please see:

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There is a lot going on in August, a rice pudding day, that takes me back to my childhood

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Rice pudding is one of my favorite types of pudding, Debs.😀👍

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Aww, is it Leah, how sweet 😋

Sounds fun. Looking forward to it.

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