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Night shift eating schedule

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I work night shifts at a hospital 8pm-8am, my eating pattern is all over the place sometimes I eat before work, in work or both... I’m not sure when I should be eating!

Should I have my tea before I leave for work or during work? Do I have something when I’m home for ‘breakfast’ right before I go to bed?

So confused !! Help! What is the healthiest way to eat when you work nights?

15 Replies
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Welcome to the group, hanewie123 . 😀👍🌈

Please feel free to continue posting and commenting, asking questions, take a look at the Topics/Events/Pinned Posts/Polls for ideas and/or suggestions. You can read/comment on the other member’s’ postings/comments and get to meet the rest of the group members. Thank you for introducing yourself.

For your job, how many breaks are you allowed to take during the day/night? Have you talked to your doctor about changing your diet/time for meals?

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Activity2004 Thanks for replying to my first post:)

We get an hour break somewhere between 1am-5am, I haven’t told my doctor as I don’t get to talk to them often.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to hanewie123

Are you allergic to anything food or medication related?

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hanewie123 in reply to Activity2004

Nope nothing

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to hanewie123

That’s good. What time do you usually get up to go to the hospital? Can you bring a snack with you to eat on a break?

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hanewie123 in reply to Activity2004

I try and get 8 hours sleep as I would try to on a normal day, so I roughly sleep between 9am-5pm give or take an hour. I know a lot of people don’t sleep well on nights but I’m genuinely always tired so am able to.

I can definitely bring food and snacks in, it’s just wether it’s the time to be eating.

Should I be eating my breakfast around 5pm when I wake up, a snack a few hours later and then my dinner when I’m on my break early hours and then go to bed as soon as I’m home?

Or should I be keeping my eating routine normal when when on nights by eating breakfast when I’m home from work at 8am and then my tea when I wake up around 5pm?

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to hanewie123

Eat before you go out the door to work.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to hanewie123

Do you have any food that’s fast for you to take your breaks and still get back to work on time?

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There is no right way to eat. You have to create an eating plan that sustains and fulfills you.

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Hi hanewie123

There is an article about Shift Working and healthy eating, which is written by a Registered Nutritionist, and it looks quite helpful:

Maybe see if there's anything there that is helpful for you.

Zest :-)

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Hi hanewie. I also work nights. I do lchf and eat breakfast when i get home and dinner at night before i go. I take a creamy coffee during the night and drink lots of lemon water, i dont get hungry. My danger times are wanting to comfort eat when i get tired as i i dont sleep well during the day . I'm sure you can work something out that suits you . Good luck x

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I once read a point that there's actually no hard and fast rules about what food belongs to breakfast, lunch or dinnertime. We can eat broccoli for breakfast or toast for dinner if we choose, the only thing stopping us is our own preconceptions.

In that case, it might be better to focus on the old saying to breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Have your biggest meal before work, or have your first 2 meals be larger than your third meal. It will likely help you to sleep better if your am meal is lightest.

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Morning I feel your pain I work in emergency services and work night shifts.

I have found that if a take Greek yoghurt in with berries and mixed seeds that sorts any hunger pains out during the night i purchase the plain Greek yoghurt and add my own stuff to it as it’s. It as much sugar.

I will also snack on celery with peanut butter if I get megga hungry but like you breaks are few and far between.

When I get in after shift I would have scrambled egg with a bit of spinach before going to bed cuts out any hunger pains whilst asleep 😴

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Richardgi77 in reply to gasp1

Hi gasp1 be careful of to much peanut butter it has a lot of hidden fat eat your eggs with melted cheese yum yum

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Hi hanewie123 eat whenever your hungry because you do a very hard job

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