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A thank you to the admins on Healthy Eating

I hope this post is allowed as I'm not mentioning any names.

I received an email alert to a post I replied to over a year ago now. Someone else has replied to one of my replies which was extremely insulting, including bad language. I would like to thank the admins on here as I see the post has been removed; when I clicked on the link to see it it had disappeared.

Once again, thank you.

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Hi Hidden ,

You're welcome! We don't allow anyone to insult/use inapproprite language in comments/postings on any of our groups. We're glad we can help! :-) Enjoy the rest of your day/evening. :-)

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Thank you and the support I get on here is excellent.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

We appreciate you and everyone who wants to be on the group. You all make it a great group!😀👍

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That's awful, but also really nice to know that the admins are on top of things! Thanks guys:)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cooper27

You're welcome! We want everyone to feel happy, safe and comfortable on the group.:-)

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They really are Cooper27 , they do a fantastic job.

Thanks Alicia, I’m sorry someone insulted you as there’s no need,

Once a reply is reported we can deal with it quickly. As we want members to feel safe regardless of their choices and needs.

Thank you again Alicia.

Jerry 😊

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Thank you Hidden , it was obviously taken down very quickly as I only saw the message on my emails, it had already been removed from the HU site.

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Thats awful Alicia, I hope it hasn't put you off posting. Your a valued member xx

Fantastic work Admin - you must be so busy these days.

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I know, it was uneccessary and uncalled for. It certainly hasn't put me off posting though.😀

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Glad to hear that! You have great postings.😀

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Thank you, that's a lovely thing to say 😀

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You’re welcome! It’s the truth!😀👍

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Thank you 😘

Hi crazyfitness,

I was saddened to read about the absurd disgusting way some people behave, it must have been very upsetting, but please ignore this, you and the team are hard workers, really a grateful for all your posts and photos, it keeps me going and something to look forward to. Bless you all. 😇

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Bless you 22Mermaid , such a lovely sentiment. There are some awful people out there but the good fortunately far outweigh the bad. Health Unlocked is an amazing forum.

A lot of good work goes on behind the scenes.

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They certainly do GoogleMe and they use their spare time for people like us.

Hi Alicia,

So sorry to hear you've had that experience, and hope you are enjoying the week, and that it hasn't upset your enjoyment.

The Admins are GREAT - they sort things out - and keep the forum going.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest

The admins are very goid and work hard for our enjoyment. I can see the amount of support by the replies I've had.

I'm having a great week thank you, the weather is stunning.😀

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