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No more shop bought cauliflower rice or broccoli rice


So today I took a stroll into town and bought a food processor, why? I no longer want to spend £1:25 on a packet of cauliflower rice or £1:15 on a rather small broccoli rice packet either; I purchased a whole cauliflower and a whole Broccoli instead and smiled my way to the store where I flicked thru pages before choosing a reasonably priced processor.

Got home and excitedly assembled the contraption ready for tonights meal of broccoli and cauliflower rice with salmon. Would it taste the same? Have I wasted my bucks on this processor? Will I go back to buying the packet ready prepared stuff?

Nope - OMG No more packet stuff for me, it took minutes to prepare and was yummy. I’ve also saved money as I only used a few florets of each vegetable and have more for another day.

Best purchase and idea this month so far - No biggie for some but for me who lived on takeout and ready meals I’m over the moon.

I’m actually beginning to enjoy this home cooking from scratch milarky - who would have thought?

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Very good decision! You get equivalent of 4 packs for the price of one.

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I know lol I’ll make my money back on that food processor in no time


Food processors are fantastic :) I love having the slicing and grating feature too :) and they're great for energy balls too!

You'll have made your money back in no time as well!

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I’ll experiment with the gadgets it came with but really bought it to make cauliflower and broccoli rice - here’s to experimentation 😋

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I use it to make this for breakfast occassiobally (tend to make muffins instead of a big round thing) :

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I hit that link up immediately and began salivating at the pic of the finished item. I’ve added this meal to my recipe book and will be having that for breakfast tomorrow. I’ve never been one for sweet potatoes but that’s cos I really never knew what to do with them but now?????? Watch out Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake for here I come.

Many thanks Cooper27

Sweet potato is so healthy you have to eat it. It’s very versatile so there’s bound to be a way with it you’ll like 🙂👍😋

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There's so much you can do with sweet potato! I really don't like baked sweet potato or mash, but I still get through a kilo a week, just using it as an ingredient in other things :)

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Oh wow


Hi MissAzzee

Glad to hear you're enjoying using your food processor, and cooking your meals from scratch. I bet they are delicious! :-)

Zest :-)

Good for you and now you’ve got it it’ll last for years and there will be no stopping you! I got all excited when I bought my food processor too. 🙂👍

Thanks Agoodenough

It’s the little changes that I’m making that are keeping me going. That plus this forum, it’s really nice having the supportive and listening ear of others. Who else could I have excitedly told about buying a food processor? Friends and family would think I’m nuts or say “get a life” lol.

Lol they would 😂 no one shared my excitement either until I posted a comment about in on Vegan food for life and how I can now make nut milk at home. Funny what floats our boats ay! 😁🌱

😂 😂

Nice one Azzee :).

And now you are processing yourself you are likely cutting out the added crap from the shop bought stuff.

In other words, it is a healthier way by processing yourself.

Thankyou You’ve convinced me to buy one please could you tel me the make you bought x

Hi Kimberley07

The one I bought was the Cookswork Food Processor and it was £24:99. It’s nothing fancy and does NOT go with my kitchen but It does what it says on the tin which is grates and shreads my cauliflower and broccoli lol. In time I’ll no doubt upgrade but as this is a new way of eating for me I thought it best I start off slow and steady.

I’m loving cauli and broc rice. I thought it would be mushy but no 😋👍

Tip. You can make pizza base with either broc or cauli rice

Pizza base with either broccoli or cauliflower rice.....pray tell and I’ll be making this over the weekend

I saw this recipe today for yellow cauliflower:


1 lb cauliflower

2 tbsp lard or coconut oil

½ tsp salt

½ tsp dried parsley

½ tsp ground cumin

1 tsp turmeric

2 garlic cloves, sliced

Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).

Using a grater or grater attachment on a food processor, shred the cauliflower.

Combine all of the ingredients for the yellow rice on a sheet pan and toss together until all of the riced cauliflower is yellow.

Spread the seasoned rice out evenly over the sheet pan. Roast on the bottom rack for 20 minutes.

Now this sounds yummy and will also be put in my recipe book - thank G1nny

I bought a spiraliser for around £20 on amazon and it’s great as well. X

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