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Happy Shoesday...๐Ÿ˜Š

Good morning everyone,

This week it's walk to school week and today is happy shoesday to encourage youngsters to wear their favourite shoes and enjoy walking today.

I think obesity and childhood obesity should be tackled for obvious reasons and we as a society have let obesity and diabetes type 2 become the norm when in reality it's more of an epidemic.

To me its up to us not the govt, schools or the NHS as you only have to look to see that we're all in the same stressed out obesity fuelled boat. So I think that we have to encourage others by example, as we've taken the first step.

Children have lots of energy and exercise can make us feel so good physically and mentally so lets encourage healthy eating and exercise for everyone.

These shoes were made for walking...๐Ÿ˜Š

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Very true. Walking is so good for you physically and mentally. When my father retired within a couple of years was told he had type two diabetes. We were all very surprised as he is slim but I think just two years of not being very busy may have brought it on (or not helped). Anyway, he was put on the tablets after having never taking a tablet in his life. He bought a collie dog and got walking and basically he has walked it off and is now off the tablets. Which goes to show as we know walking is so important.... on that note Iโ€™m off for a walk.


Hi Jerry

Walking is such great exercise!

Zest :-)


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