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Be aware

Please be aware that if you post some health truths on HealthUnlocked you will be blocked! If you try to help people with ailments which doesn’t involve making anyone rich i.e. by encouraging prescription drug use - then ‘they’ will block access. Why is that? I thought this was a site to help people who are genuinely ill and are looking for genuine answers? Take the time to ask why that would be?

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Hi DollyDimple25,

This is unfair and unsubstantiated rhetoric in my opinion.

Firstly HU is set up to collate information anonymously and the forums do just that. Advertising is not allowed and for their terms of use please see:


I would not have anything to do with an unethical forum yet alone be admin, so my opinion is that HU offer some great communities that benefit us the user and I'm very pleased to be part of a friendly helpful community.

So this post is open to comments from you and 'our' members as I believe that Healthy Eating and other HU forums are brilliant.



This is perfectly said, Jerry!😀 Thank you for saying this.


Hi Jerry

Hi thank you for your response. I agree that forums such as HU should independently represent and support users to openly voice their health experiences and if you are admin and take that stance then I applaud you.

Sadly I do feel that is not always the case and there are people who seek to discredit any negative views/experiences and research surrounding certain issues and Aspartame is one of them - believe me I have experienced a furore like no other!

So it was no surprise to me to find that I could not comment, private message or post on a HU forum (Lupus UK). I have not advertised, I have not used bad language or tried to disparage anyone’s point of view. My aim is 100% to allow others to benefit from my experience. Many on here are struggling with health issues beyond our comprehension and I would hate to think some vital information was being hidden for suspect reasons. I have asked why I have been blocked and eagerly await the response. My posts in other forums re this issue was firstly to test if I had been blocked across the entire HU site and also to highlight an unjust practice.

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When you get restricted, it’s usually just for that group you have spammed/used inappropriate language/trolling/etc.. You can still post in the other groups you’re a member of on HU.


Thank you Activity2004. I appreciate why you would be blocked but that does not explain why I have been blocked as I haven’t committed any of these sins!

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I will have to look into it. Please be patient.


Hi DollyDimple25, if you feel that you have been treated unfairly you can contact HU directly and if they feel that you have been restricted unfairly or should be given a second chance then they will advise admin of this.

Here's the email so you can contact HU directly:


I will be honest that being admin is not always easy as we have to make decisions and sometimes we make the wrong decisions but HU have the final say.

So you've said what you feel and now can do something about it and thats what its all about so good luck. 😊


Hi DollyDimples25.

I had a problem with my account disappearing and all my posts 4 days after I opened it. I thought the same as you.

Apparently the health unlocked spam filter can only take links from official websites they allow. So best not to post any on a post you make.

The spam filter sometimes blocks posts it thinks are spam and accounts disappear like mine did. The spam filter can not tell the difference between a genuine user account and a spam account. It just goes by certain words or links to websites.

Contact health unlocked support support.healthunlocked.com/...

Explain what is happening and then they can make sure that your account is not classes as a spam account by their spam filter.

That's how I got my account back. But I lost all my posts.

I find writing the name of a website but not the website address works ok.

I was told that accounts are not blocked unless someone is being abusive.A warning message is usually sent before a account is block or closed. that health unlocked encourage people to share their experiences and posts of help.

A admin in Endometriosis UK was very helpful. He contacted health unlocked support as well. He couldn't see a problem at his end. Other members couldn't see my profile. I even message Endometriosis UK directly. They were very helpful as well.

But the fault lies with the spam filter at health unlocked so you need to contact them to get things sorted. You may not get your posts back. I had to start again .

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HU forums are moderated by humans. As such, these humans naturally tend to have a bias towards their own opinions and it can take an extraordinary amount of focus for a moderator to see clearly beyond that, especially in a heated debate. This is human nature, totally fallible.

Perhaps a forum could exist where people who are blocked can discuss the blocking with other people who have suffered dis/similar fates?


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