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Almond Butter v Peanut Butter

After reading this article from Meghan Telpner it's Almond Butter all the way for me now. I have seen a couple of things in the past week or so about Peanut Butter but didn't realise that it wasn't that good for you.

Here is the link to the article.

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"Peanuts are extremely high in aflatoxinsm carcinogenic compounds that have been linked to a variety of health issues, most notably liver cancer,"

hmm. Aflatoxins are carcinogens caused by a type of mould that can grow on improperly stored foodstufs. Peanuts are one of them. So equally are rice, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds and many others. There have been cases of afatoxin contamination of peanuts, but equally of olive oil, cosmetics, all sorts of things. It is a far cry from that to they are present in all peanuts.

I am not sure that author has really any idea what she is talking about. Either that or she just likes a clickbaity title.

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I have heard that peanuts aren't as good for you so I will go with organic almond butter. The peanut butter I have in the house is homemade so I know exactly what is in it but will still go with almond butter.

I do find the author writes some very good articles and what she says is more often than not backed up in other articles on the internet.

The peanut butter you make yourself should be fine as you won't use mouldy peanuts. Like most things, moderation it's ok. Just have some omega 3 foods to balance the omega 6's.

I bought peanut butter to use in live mouse traps, & the little ******* wouldn't even touch the organic stuff. :(

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Thank you BadHare and I will use up the peanut butter I have and will then go for organic almond butter which I'm sure I will love as I love almonds more than peanuts.

Typical of those little critters not liking organic, they don't know what's good for them. ;)

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The dogs I used to critter sit hated peanut butter, too! I'm sure critters liking it is a myth perpetuated by Sunpat! ;)

The mice liked wild mushroom risotto, almond croissants, & jumbo oats dipped in maple syrup. It was an expensive experience I hope never to repeat!!!

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Ah Sunpat, that's more like eating sweets with loads of rubbish added. ;)

Now that is expensive losing al that gorgeous food to mice!

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At least they had good taste! ;)

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They certainly did ha ha. ;)

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Hi Alicia,

Thanks for sharing this article. I have read quite a bit about Peanut butter in the past, and have concluded that for me, I would like to include it as a healthy addition - and I ensure I buy a brand that is made from 100% peanuts.

I am pleased you mentioned Almond butter, as you've reminded me that I was intending to buy some - as I love almonds so much, and I feel sure I'll also enjoy Almond butter. So that is going on my shopping list for this week.

Zest :-) xx

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Hi Zest

You are welcome and the only Peanut Butter I have is the stuff I made myself and is just peanuts and a little Himalayan Rock Salt and nothing else.

Yes I will also be getting some Almond Butter as well.

Alicia :) xxx

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