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Lately I’ve been feeling emotional and I keep craving carbs. I made pasta last night and ate a LOTif it and I still crave more and more and more starchy carbs. Is there a reason why I’m craving it and how to stop? I’m also craving sweets and chocolate. I’m trying to build muscle and eating 5 plates of pasta doesn’t sound healthy.

Also, 2018 I’ve removed meat from my diet and I am lactose intolerant so I don’t eat dairy. I eat eggs and fish. Would my removing meat cause this? I just want to know how to solve it. Thanks.


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I don't know too much about being a vegan but this article seems to be informative scrawnytobrawny.com/plant-m...

As far as craving carbs and sweets here is one giving information why but also healthier alternatives reddit.com/r/vegetarian/com...

Good job on trying to do the vegan diet..I wish I could I honestly love chicken nuggets too much 😊🤗

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Perhaps try eating meat again and see if it makes a difference?

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Hi Anita, and welcome to the human race as we all crave some things sometimes, so you're aware of it and you're doing something about it, so good for you.

Sometimes we carve food when we've eaten because we lack vital micro-nutrients which's why a balanced diet is essential. You could take a good quality supplement, I prefer nutrients form food but if it helps.

From previous posts I think you have pressure from family that is well intentioned but ill informed and this challenges your self belief so here's a link about changing our food cravings and this lady knows all about self belief:


And good luck,

Jerry 😊

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Hi Jerry, thank you very much. The link you sent was useful and interesting! Thank you!

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Carbs are not necessarily bad as long as you avoid the processed ones (white rice, white pasta, white bread and flour, pure sugar etc)

I'm a vegan and my diet is probably about 80% "carbs" but the healthy kind (breans, pulses, grains, starchy vegetables)

Have a look at nutritionfacts.org for more details of this kind of diet.

If you are eating a lot refined carbs it could be causing a sugar spike which can make people crave them even more.


I want to eat more starch in the winter which is I think is a normal reaction to cold weather. Our cells don't know the supermarkets are open 24 hours a day, & the fridge is full.

I find that as long as I have enough protein during the day, & aim for 40-50g, I don't want as much starch. I also find winter's not the best time to make big dietary changes, so your body could be reacting to this. Maybe eat other foods for protein & healthy fat such as low GI nuts & seeds, or eat more lentils & beans which are high in protein & low GI starch.

Pasta is a low GI food which is digested easily, & causes insulin spikes, so we're soon hungry & needing another fix. You could try eating it cold, the following day, so that the the starch has turned to resistant starch that we can't digest. This is also better for feeding our good gut bacteria. Or you could try eating wholewheat pasta which has higher fibre & takes longer to digest.

A man I worked with years ago developed coeliac, & for some perverse reason craved pasta in the way you're describing. Jerry will be able to tell you more if you think this could be an issue for you.


Thank you for the response! I didn’t know that in winter it’s hard to change our diets. Thank you!


You're welcome!

I said that about winter with regard to myself as the cold makes me want to eat more.

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Yeah I think I do the same thing but I didn’t really think about it. Thank you

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