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Still not feeling great

So I’ve still got this cold, but everyone’s well wishes and ideas to get this cold gone are much appreciated! It’s near the end now thank god, so I can’t wait to get cooking up some new recipes and ideas. I did some chicken dipped in yogurt and sweet chilli sauce then rolled in breadcrumbs with some homemade wedges earlier this week and they were delicious, any other ideas for making something yummy with chicken?


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Hi Hannah21,

I think chicken is lovely in a curry. But also a chicken sandwich can be tasty, or a chicken soup. Sweet and sour chicken?

I really hope you feel better soon - it's horrible when you've got a cold - I had one over most of Christmas and New Year, and it's only just gone away. I hope yours goes away very soon.

Take care,

Zest :-)

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Good ideas Zest! Thankyou! Glad you’re feeling better!


I think you should try Butter chicken with curry. The Butter chicken is also great choice for with soup. Let's try one these Recipes and I Hope you enjoyed your winter season with hot and spicy Chicken.

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Thanks Jeffmarch, will have to look into some butter chicken recipes!


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