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Food considered healthier by experts than by public

Quinoa, tofu, sushi, hummus, wine and shrimp were deemed to be healthier by experts than by the public.

The reason, according to FDA research, might be that these foods have only become part of the mainstream American diet relatively recently, and people may not be aware of their health benefits.

Other differences in opinion could be due to mixed messages in the media about healthy and unhealthy foods. For example, there are conflicting ideas about alcohol: while some believe moderate drinking has some health benefits, it's not clear where the line is between moderate and excessive consumption of alcohol.

I need to consider trying out Quinoa as i have never used it before.

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Hi David, quinoa is a complete food as all the food we eat is broken down into 23 base amino acids and quinoa contains all 23. This is important as our bodies convert the food we eat into 17 the remaining 8 are the essential amino acids and have to come from our food and very few foods are complete foods. Flaxseed is another and contains omega 3.

You can buy quinoa flakes, seeds and flour I use the flour with ground flaxseed in gluten free bread. And again I buy Essential organic.

Quinoa is cooked and eaten like rice the flakes are good for a porridge and the flour is a grain free substitute. I've also bought puffed quinoa with honey and they are a crunchy healthy snack or you can have them instead of puffed rice breakfast cereal.

I'd buy some and try some as they come highly recommended.


Quinoa is lovely. There's white, red, & black varieties, though I don't think there's a big difference in nutritional information. It's nice in salads, & a good replacement for any starches in a meal. It's also nutritionally good as it contains the range of amino acids needed to make it a complete protein, so it's an excellent staple for vegetarians.

I've been eating hummus for >30 years, being another good veggie food, but it's still looked on as a strange exotic food by some people I know.

Tofu I love, but no longer eat as it reduces throid hormone function, though it's beneficial for most people. Fermented soy is fine, so I still eat tamari seasoning, miso soup, & tempeh for complete protein.

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