What cooking oils are people using to cook their meals?

Hi guys, i wanted to know what cooking oils people are using. As i have started a healthy diet to reduce my weight i wanted to know what people are using. As there are so many options at supermarkets these days for oils you can find a range of oils like Olive oil, Coconut oil, sunflower oil, Sesame oil, Avocado oil and many more. What are people using and why are you using it??


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  • I dry fry - so I don't use any oils at all - adding water or vinegar if necessary to stop sticking.

    This helps keep my total fat intake low

  • Wow that sounds very interesting i have never tried that before, how does it taste? I can see it working with something like bacon, what about chicken breast?

  • Ah, sorry, I don't eat meat :)

    I can see that approach might not work with lean meats.

    With the veggies I cook the taste is great.

  • I use coconut oil to cook as it doesn't become unstable when heating like olive oil.

  • How is the coconut oil, do you get a after taste of coconut in your food?

  • I use coconut oil or butter with high heat frying for the same reason- they don't become too unstable when heated (which creates very toxic byproducts). Olive oil is also good enough. Extra virgin less stable but still better than a lot of veg or seed oils. Sesame oil, linseed, flaxseed etc are good for adding after your food has been baked or dry fried. I do find the coconut oil leaves the vaguest hint of coconut but I have never mindedthe flavour. I suggest trying it. It's really good for cooking healthily.

  • I don't notice too much. A slight flavor, but I'm used to it, it isn't off putting. I buy unrefined, Non-GMO, virgin organic coconut oil. The oil has Medium Chain fatty acids and is good for you. Your body doesn't store it but sends it to your liver to burn as energy. The oils you want to stay away from are the heavily processed and inflamatory hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils like soy bean, safflower, canola and sun flower oil. They are modified so much, that they actually damage your artery walls causing your body to produce cholesterol to repair the damage which then causes plaque. Coconut oil isn't unstable when heated. Olive oil is also a healthy option in salad dresses, but shouldn't be heated. Beef Tallow can also be used to cook in, but beef tallow should be organic from grass fed animals that are not given anti-biotics/growth hormones etc.

  • Which brand are you using? There are many to choose from online ?

  • I'm using one from Tropical Plantation Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I bought it at Walmart here in the states that came in a two-pack, so 72oz for like 20 some dollars. :)

  • As long as it's Virgin coconut and unrefined/chemical free you should be good to go! Not sure if I can post links in here, but this is it: amazon.com/Tropical-Plantat...

  • Really--that's cheap. I just got mine at Kroger grocery store- for $ 10 -only 14 oz.

  • Yeah, it was crazy - maybe 25 bucks, but I know they bundled two together. My wife and I thought it was a steal!

  • Same. Coconut oil.... sometimes I use organic grass fed ghee, but usually coconut oil.

    Olive oil shouldn’t be heated. (I just learned this recently. I was a long time user of olive oil for cooking)

  • That’s interesting. I use extra virgin olive oil for everything including frying.

  • Very interesting

  • Chicken breast can be grilled.

    For taste - always add some herbs and spices - like oregano, thyme, rosemary leaves

    sea salt, black paper , garlic , onion - once you get used to it--you will like and healthy

    you can try few times and adjust taste and figure out how much to add...

    For stir fry - olive oil, butter or ghee is good.

    To loose weight --don't need to cut fat -- CUT CARBS. Good fat is good for health.

    Do not eat too much Deep friend food - Never re -use cooked oil again.

  • Nice info. So i assume you are using olive oil right?

  • yes-- I also do not cook or eat meat - much - some times - Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's - which are fried -- Its okay - once in a while.

    Also I am skinny -- need to gain weight - but eating healthy.

    I eat - two spoons of flax seed oil or ghee - straight.

    Ghee and butter is good for deep frying at low heat.

    You can check - heating point - ( forgot right term ) - check in google--

    soy oil or canola oil is NOT good

  • I second the Ghee - that is a GREAT option as well! :)

  • I just came from grocery store - and saw so many varieties of oils.

    I missed to mention - sesame seed oil is also good and healthy.

  • I have ordered this Coconut oil as it is cold pressed & extra Virgin & Odourless bargain for £4.99 - amazon.co.uk/Odourless-Coco... Let see how it goes :) After i use this will check out for some GHEE!

  • If you live near London or major city- you can get Ghee - from Indian Grocery store-- 'AMUL" brand is good

  • Do away with all oils, you do not need them. You can cook stir fries and all other foods with stock, water juice etc. You will lose weight

  • I want to loose weight but i cant do with bland food using water or stock water as it wont be flavorsome.

  • Food cooked without oil certainly isn't bland.

    Although some oils like coconut are strongly flavoured, most of the flavour from frying is due to the caramelisation of whatever is being fried due to the high temperature, and the oil then carries this flavour, but water or other liquids can work just as well.

  • I dont agree that you dont need oils. the body needs fats to provide omega 3 fatty acids amongst other things for brain and hormonal health

  • You need to look at Forks over Knives website, full of tasty recipes, I certainly do not each bland food

  • Will check this out

  • My doctor suggested olive oil

  • I also believe avocado oil is a good choice. Haven't done too much research on it though.

  • hi ,

    Rapeseed oil is healthy, lowest saturated fat content, 10 times more omega 3 than olive oil high in vitamin E

    Good luck

  • Hello daviddonovan119

    I cook with Mild Coconut oil Cuisine. Biona organic. Great benefit to cooking in coconut oil as the liver can burn the coconut oil as energy.


  • "Polyunsaturated Oils make You Inflamed & Sick" : Gary Fettke.

    There's a lot of good pointers to good nutrition from this talk.

  • OIL is good for body- specially all joints --

  • EVERY ONE MUST READ THIS -- Specially people from India -

    NOTE : Just found an excellent article -appropriate for this subject for everyone.

    Source- NRI Pulse ( Health Pulse ) October 2017 ( page 17 ) - a publication in Atlanta for the Indian Community.

    NEVER RE-USE OIL - after you fry - Indian dishes - like Puri, Pakoda, Bhajiya, Gandhia,

    batakavada, sev, chevdo etc --- Must discard oil - after one use.

    Doctors in India - urges people to avoid reusing oil for frying food products as it increases the proportion of trans fats - major source of heart disease. The presence of trans fats goes up in ANY OIL - if it is cooked for along duration or as soon as it emits smoke.

    Vanaspati ( plant based ) OR vegetable oil has the highest content of trans fats.

    One should choose cooking oil which are well balanced and has less than 4 grams of saturated fats - says Professor of Cardiology on World Heart day. He says that boiling oil for hours and reusing same ( refined ) oil leads to increase of trans fats.

    Mustard oil and olive oil are good and should be sued for cooking.

    Even Mustard oil should be mixed with Ghee to balance its fats.

    Olive oil should only be used to sprinkled on cooked food and NOT to be used for frying.

    Professor of Endocrinology suggest that a person should only have 0.5 liter of fats

    every month.

    They also do NOT recommend using Coconut Oil and Palm oil for cooking.

    [ NOTE : Information is provided for your good health only ]



  • Rapeseed oil. The burning point is higher

  • I use olive oil.

  • I use to use olive oil

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