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Healthy Eating
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healthier food

I agree that a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can be beneficial, and that people can adapt this to suit their individual needs.It not only helps in better metabolism, but also helps in releasing the hormone called endorphin in the body which is responsible for lifting the mood. Want to stay happy mostly? Go for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Bad habits are hard to lose but once you start living healthy there is no turning back. You will never regret eating better healthier food. Dont believe me, see the change yourself.

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Could not say it enough lmao. Just turned vegan or I guess whole foods only. I kind of just tell people I'm allergic to meat and dairy and eggs lol. Can't believe the miracles that have happened and still are after 6 weeks or something.... stopped counting lol. So glad and your right I'll never go back. It's not easy when everything and everyone is cramming junk into your face. Your whole life changes. Outlook is so amazing. I'm upbeat and positive and work is easy now lol. It's a miracle no doubt. I went from pain ridden crying with a cane to superman. From having plants only. And I never counted calories or anything before so I'm just winging it. When I'm hungry I eat. So far so good. I have actually put on a pound lol. Cashew ice cream is really good. Lol life is a beach. So enjoy it. All day everyday. All I do is tell myself I eat to live. Not like I use to live. When I was living to eat. That simple phrase has put my body into a gear I've never used before. Hope people on here stop complaining a little less and try whole foods only and see what happens. I think society and the world has just messed us all up and put fear in us to just stay on thier poison and to never get better. Break the chain and try it.


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