UK pub eating?

We are coming to the UK shortly for a 5 week driving tour around the country. We will mostly be staying in Premier Inns. I like British pubs ( especially the English ales) and I am largely aware of typical pub grub (having done driving tours there before) . BUT - then I just ate whatever I wanted. I can no longer do this and now look for the healthiest option. I can see that this may be a bit problematic on this trip. Any thoughts please about "healthy" pub eating. Is it possible????


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  • It really depends where you are staying and how much time you want to invest in looking places up before you arrive to avoid the frustration of looking at menus and walking away. My thoughts wouldn't go to a pub for meals though I'd be looking at some of the fantastic cafes and restaurants pretty much everywhere. Why don't you post where you're staying and see what recommendations you get?

  • :) - We will be staying in about 20 Premier Inns and pubs ranging from the far south of Hampshire up as far as Falkirk in Scotland. For me, a big part of the UK experience is the pubs - we can eat in cafes and restaurants here where we live :) I know that food in various pubs can vary and the modern invention of the "gastro-pub" seems to have improved pub food a lot :) . We tend to try to keep away from places that have "Ye Olde" or "Fayre" in their names :) - and also that proudly proclaim their family friendliness :)

  • If you work out your macros then with some planning you could work around a pub meal. However, if you don't do macros then most pubs do roast dinner type meals and you could have something like that, without the the Yorkshire pudding of course, and ask for gravy in a jug rather than on the meal therefore you can decide whether you have gravy and if you do how much. Most pubs also do fish (not battered or breaded) and you could ask for a baked potato instead of chips! Of course the most calorific bit will be the ale!!!

  • Hi there - a lot of pubs now in the UK have the Nutritional info on the menu - however it is a minefield and can work out pretty calorific even if you think you are making the healthier choices! If you go to chains i think the quality isn't great so use higher fat fillers, if you find independents they are more likely to be able to tweak the dish to cut the calories for you or have different choices on specials boards! are you coming in the summer> if so in independent inns i think you will find lots of Salads and pastas an sharing platters of cold meats etc that probably make better choices! Check out tripadvisor for the areas you are going to and see who rates well check out their menus and you could even message them before! Sound lovely though hope you have fun!

  • A lot of pubs now give the option of salad instead of chips and also have salads on the menu

  • I use a website called Happy Cow when I travel. It lists Veg*n friendly & healthy places to eat & stay, & ranks them. Tripadvisor is also good.

    Some Airbnb rentals have access to kitchens. Those I've stayed in have been very good.

    If you're arriving soon'ish, the weather might be good enough for picnics. Supermarkets sell nice ready made salads, with lots of variety. I've recently bought some lovely ones to eat whilst travelling.

    If you tell us where you're visiting, & what kind of food you like, folks on here would be able to give you specific tips. It might also be worth looking at local running clubs on Facebook.

  • I think you are going to find it difficult. We have holidays on cruises and hotels where they have a buffet so that you can pick and choose your food. I would tend to do your own lunches on the road, Sainsbury do a good rye and sunflower seed loaf which they will slice for you, with banana and salad leaves etc you can do lunch and breakfast. Wetherspoons are known for their good range of ales at competitive prices and have a couple of vegetarian options, the harvester chain of pubs have a reasonable salad bar. Good luck, hope you have a wonderful holiday, will be interesting to know how you get on.

  • Harvester are a chain which offer an unlimited salad cart as part of your meal & it's possible to eat healthy there.

  • It depends where you going to stay. This time you need to apply control and discipline.. you we all know good food is all over the places so goodluck.

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