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Detox in the morning

Hi just wanted to share something that I have found sets me up for the day in terms of feeling good.

I have a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon in it before I eat my breakfast .

The benefits are that you feel fuller before you eat so you're not tempted to eat more of your breakfast than you should and also it is cleansing you from the inside by getting rid of toxins. Another thing I do is Oil pulling with coconut oil. You take a couple of teaspoons of 100% organic coconut oil , put in your mouth and once its melted swill around as you would with a mouthwash .

It does feel a bit odd at first , but you get used to it . Start by doing for 5 minutes a day and then add another 5 minutes every couple of days until you get to 20 minutes.

Again lots of health benefits from doing this ancient Ayuverdic practice - I have found when I practice this my sleep is better , which for me is such a blessing as I find it hard to function the next day if I've not slept well .

Also it is very common for us Fibromyalgics to not get the restful deep sleep necessary to feel rested. Your skin will improve too - initially you may have some spots, but that's a sign your body is detoxing and will pass. Your teeth become whiter too!! The list of benefits is endless - I hope that you find these tips useful !!😊

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Ayurveda - I'm a practitioner as well

So good to find a like minded soul


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Awww thank you - the old ways are the best way!! Namaste 😊


I do it also and I do feel the benefits from it, oil pulling.


Good to hear it's working for you!! 😊


This sounds really useful, but can I ask a daft question - do you spit out the oil afterwards or ingest it?

I told you it was a daft question........


Hi Millibobs it's not a daft question at all in fact it's a very good one . It's best to spit it out as you don't want to be swallowing all that saliva and coconut oil mixed together , plus you're eliminating the toxins that have been drawn out whilst doing the oil pulling. I spit mine into a plastic bag - DON'T! spit down your kitchen/bathroom sink or toilet as the oil solidifies and can block your pipes! . Another thing I do afterwards is to rinse my mouth out with some warm salt water as this helps to remove any traces of the oil left in your mouth.

I hope that answers your question and wish you all the best with your health and wellbeing 😊


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