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Healthy eating options and my short Cummings lol

Healthy eating options and my short Cummings lol

Hi I have joined the community to learn from them about healthy eating options as now time have come to stop junk intake and be serious about quality , nutritious food so any one have any ideas do enlighten me with their ideas . I am a professional who like working hard but when it come to eating habits all the work is zero sum :-)

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Everyone is different, so it's important to find what suits your body, & what you need to feel healthier. A friend used to insist I'd loose weight if I ate the same as her, when it was the foods she ate that I most needed to avoid. In your view of what's healthier, are you trying to loose weight, lower your BP, improve your digestion, reduce health issues?

Try eating clean food, ie everything made from scratch, so no chemical additives or industrial processing to reduce nutrients. Finding what suits your body is as important as what you eat, as everyone is different.

I follow a couple of functional medicine doctors who give good dietary advice, so look up Chris Kresser & Mark Hyman. Both are keen on paleo diets, ie, natural foods that humans would've eaten before we learned to farm. They have lots of free e-books & weekly emails on good dietary practice.

What suits me, it's a fairly low starch vegetarian diet that's high in good fats & natural sugars. I also practice restrictive eating times for 5 or 6 days a week, which means I rarely eat before 11am or after 6pm. I now eat twice as much from counting nutrients that I need rather than calories. Before doing this, I found eating most of my calories at breakfast & lunch, & a little in the evening, helped stop weight increase.

I always carry a tub of healthy foods in my bag: almonds, brazils, walnuts, dried mango & a medjool date, & a piece of good dark chocolate. If I'm out away from meal times, I've always got 1,000 calories of healthy stuff to eat rather than being tempted by something that's less good for me, though I do eat cake, almond croissants, & icecream! At home, I eat at leat 75-100g of nuts & seeds with fresh fruit, probiotic kefir for vitamins K2 & b12. My jar of nuts is always the easiest snack to go for as I leave it on my kitchen table next to fresh fruit.

A lot of my meals in winter are veg & lentil soups made with squash, dark greens & root veg. They're fat free so some I eat with a sprinkle of organic cheese. I eat lots of grass fed full fat dairy products, & cook with coconut oil. In the summer, I eat huge hummus salads with cider vinegar & olive oil. I avoid soya, unless it's fermented, sunflower & other inflammatory or processed oils, & try not to eat too much refined grains & sugar.

When you're choosing what you eat, remember that food can be your best medicine, or the slowest poison.


Excellent advice Leverette.

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Its worth noticing how various foods make you feel - heavy, dull and sluggish, or light, awake and energetic.


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