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Healthy inexpensive breakfasts


Many people don't know that rolled oats can be eaten without cooking them. They just need to be soaked in water or milk for a few hours or overnight. They are called "overnight breakfast oats"

Cheap - because you only need to buy the most inexpensive home brand rolled oats that you can find.

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Hi Bazza,

I tried doing 'overnight breakfast oats' about a week ago, and I really enjoyed them. Great idea! Good to have some more recipes to try different versions too.

Lowcal :-)

I use oats uncooked most days too. overnight if I am prepared (with almond milk or natural yogurt) or made and left for a short while (whilst I shower etc). love them with cinnamon etc and fruits and I find I stay feeling fuller for longer

Also - precook some barley - store it in the fridge and add some to your overnight oats. Adds a different texture to your morning oats :)

Delicious if you layer the oats with mixed frozen fruit and natural or vanilla yogurt. Let the juices of the fruit as it thaws out to mingle with the oats and yogurt. It's fabulous

I've been doing this for a while too, layered with nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and fresh berries when in season - delicious and much cheaper than buying muesli without added sugar/fructose.

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