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Hi I'm new

Hi I'm Em. I started this plan yesterday as I was looking for a diet that is easy to follow with dairy intolerance. I would like to start by losing a stone as I am overweight on my BMI and I refuse to buy any next size up clothes! I have previously done SW and reached target a few years ago but now I have put all the weight on plus some!

I'm 5'1ish and weigh 10 st 8lbs. My downfall is biscuits and treats and I am an emotional eater!

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Hi em , I too am new to this site . I was A little overweight and not happy with what I could see . So I decided to cut out gluten from my diet ( did check with my Gp first ) and I only ever have almond milk or rice milk . Sugar free water and herbal teas .lots of protein , veg and only sweet potato . If I desire the odd bit of chocolate I have dark only that is 80% sugar free . you can get dairy free / gluten free foods from many large supermarkets .this worked well for me but we are all different . Maybe you could ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist ? Best of luck . Linda

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