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I'm new here

I am finding out about a good diet for dealing with high cholestrol. Any ideas for healthy meals with this in mind would be appreciated. I tend to want the biscuits, cake etc in the evening after my dinner. To be honest the only way I can over come this is not to buy these things. If they are there then I will eat them. For a long time I have had help with problems from my past. My doctor put me in touch with a doctor who helps with a technique called EFT, emotional freedom technique. it is amazing and has changed my life. I used to suffer with repeated bouts of depression and all that goes with it. These are a thing of the past and I handle life so much better.

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Welcome .You'll get loads of help and support here .Its great .😃🌺

I just googled diet for high cholesterol and a few sites popped up .NHS live well and Good heart website . Have a look they may be helpful .

Good luck


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I have been making barley water - I have been making it a bit on the thick side (about the consistency of tomato juice) - no added sugar but put lemon juice in it - I drink a small glass of it after my evening meal and it takes away my desire for after dinner sweets - it is also quite filling .

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Thank you Bazza1234 I will give this a go.


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