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Do you eat fruits and veg at their seasons?

I was wondering if people care about eating fruits and veg seasonably? Since supermarkets nowadays have most things in stock around the year from different country, this is probably a thing of the past.

I've read some post online that mentions when they are in season that they taste better but i was wondering if there's any health benefits to it.

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Hi Chennybaby,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating community. I try to eat fruit and vegetables seasonally, as I find they are often fresher and more flavoursome, as they haven't been stored so long, or travelled so far (necessarily).

Where I live there are often produce from local growers for sale, which are really tasty.

I haven't looked into the health benefits of it specifically.

What do you tend to do yourself, and have you noticed differences in taste?

Lowcal :-)


We have few small shops that sells fruits grown locally, you then to notice the taste different more if we buy from there. Eating seasonally in big chain supermarket haven't really noticed any difference in them.

How do you usually find out what are in season by the way?


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