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All fatty foods are not bad for health?

Normally fat is considered to be bad for health and also there is a common perception among people that it will make you fat, but i have heard some fatty food are considered good for health, please suggest some fatty foods which are not that bad and have some health benefits also?

looking forward to some good suggestions.

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Hi Andrew,

I eat lots of nuts, avocados, coconut & rice bran oil for cooking, EV olive oil cold, grass fed cow's butter, certain types of cheese, organic eggs from pastured hens, organic yoghurt.

There are endless lists on the internet.



Saturated fat is not the devil that we were made to believe. The recent studies have disproved the hypothesis of fat being a menace to human body.

In fact as stated above you can try many healthy food items, rich in fat.

"The truly harmful fats are artificial trans fats and processed vegetable oils high in Omega-6 fatty acids."

The truth about Saturated fats-


There are 2 essential fats - omega 3 and omega 6. Research indicates that, historically we probably ate these in a ratio of 1:1 but the modern diet is heavily biased to omega 6 thanks to the practises of the food industry and the common ratio is 1:16 or higher.

Coconut oil is good, in moderation, because of its lauric acid content and grass fed Ghee is an excellent option to replace any cooking oils - both have a very long shelf life thhe.austusmediallc.netdna-...

Walnuts and flaxseed are high in omega 3, but the flaxseed needs to be crushed to get any benefit. Once crushed it can go rancid if kept for too long.

For more information on good fats check out

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I'm sceptical of how "Grass Fed" is the Grass Fed Ghee.

However, food cooked in ghee tastes good I'll concur to that, and it is a good source of fat. But like all good fats, Ghee too should be consumed in moderation.


It would certainly help to know the farmer but there are a few butters and it is easy to make your own Ghee isn't just a good fat, it is a great fat, and as you savour its flavour it can also be healing your body


Yes it is a good source of fat, all im saying it should be taken with the same moderation as we take in other sources of fat.

Moreover, lactose intolerant people can easily consume ghee is an added advantage.


Its probably easier to google a list of sources for unsaturaed fats 😉

Fat is essential to metabolise some vitamins, we need unsaturated fats. As someone already mentioned, avocado, walnuts, oily fish are all good examples of where to get essential fats. A general rule of thumb (current guidelines) is anything that is hard at room temperature should be avoided (mostly animal fats like lard, etc), vegetable oils are healthier, although avoid using olive oil for frying/high temperature, it's very good for roasting and for salads. Coconut oil IS good, but ridiculously expensive. Butter portion size is recommended no more than a piece the size of your thumb pad per day.

Omega 3 and omega 6 need the same enzyme to break it down and unfortunately (as someone else mentioned) we have a disproportionate amount of Omega 6 in our diets now. As the enzyme 'favours' omega 6 it means we often can't use the omega 3 unless we're eating quite a lot of omega 3 rich foods (you can Google them) to balance it out. What we are looking for in omega3 though is EPA and DHA, rather than ALA



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