bread my demon

Yes I do like chocolate sweets but it's not my craving

mine is Bread. !

Once I start boy it's hard to resist but on the slimming world programme I did originally I was allowed a couple of small slices of wholemeal a day so saved it for when I got that craving and it helped

Since starting this time haven't quite got that buzz yet

Next week I am part of a show singing in a chorus at our local theatre raising money for loacal homeless and knowing A LOT of people will be looking at us on stage it's scary yet really I am the lucky one and the other half of me is thinking I do have a roof over my head and food I can put in my tummy so 😊

Light bulb moment⚡️💡I should one evening make a load of sandwiches up and share my share then I would realise what I do have and return to being sensible !


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  • That is a good positive attitude - we should all be thankful for what we have. I know the bread problem - I have been known to eat rounds of toast in the middle of the night! I am not allowed to use the bread-making machine my daughter gave me - just too hard to resist.

  • I love bread too, it's so hard to give up!

  • I started reducing starchy carbs last spring, don't like pasta anyway, rice makes me bloated so that was easy to give up, I still have occasional potatoes with skin on, but bread I can't give up lol, though I've discovered rye bread which is lower GI than wholemeal, and really tasty, I have a small slice alongside whatever else I'm having instead of the usual 2 slices for a sandwich so cut it down that way ☀️

  • Hello

    Bread is my weakness too, the eating plan I follows has much more bread than others, and I find it is really working for me, it is a calorie counted plan, under my local hospital, but similar to the nhs12 week plan. I have also found that if I eat enough bread/carbs at breakfast and lunch I don't get the sweet cravings mid afternoon that j used yo get.

    (I am allowed 6 X 25g servings of carbohydrates a day. )

    It was a real 'light bulb' moment for me, to eat this much but still lose weight 😊

    Good luck!

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