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Paleo diet - does anyone follow this plan? Has is changed your life? In what way?

Last year I did it for 15 days. It was an eye opening experience. I don't know why I stopped. But it was the bestest way of eating I have ever done. I did not once feel tired not hungry. This speaks volumes (even with two very young kids!)

Next week just for a week I plan to eat none of the following:






With a friend and see how I get on. I hope to cut out sugar as much as possible too.

if I do well hopefully this will motivate me to continue.

I already drink just water and herbal tea, I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat other sweet stuff just chocolate.

Anyone with me?

Cheerio! :-)

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Tired nor hungry I meant to say!


I've seen a lot of feedback from people who do one of the low carb high fat diets that sound just like you. It obviously works and is the best way to eat until you are full and still lose weight. And it also will help with blood sugar control since sugar and carbs are what trigger insulin resistance and diabetes. I'm getting ready to eat a big ole omelet with lots of vegetables and some ham and cheese. Very filling, and NO TOAST, no muffins, no pancakes, etc!


What we need is balanced food intake. We have to watch any changes in food intake as it may bring on some other problems. When one get to the age of 70, some problems do come with cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure. As lone as we maintain healthy weight and waist size then we are in control.

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