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Itching all over

Hi There

Does anyone know of a reputable doctor/practitioner in Dublin (or elsewhere) who can test for food and chemical sensitivities?

i.e. not necessarily the type of allergy that would put you in hospital, but something more subtle that would make you itch all over (no rash) for several days after exposure.. most likely a cosmetics allergy/sensitivity? NB - I've had the 93 Food IGG test before.

For these types of tests, what type of doctor should I be consulting - immunologist, dermatologist or other?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Kind Regards,


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Is it itching or tingling like pins and needles?


@Sunflower62.. no, itching


I get that with morfine the inching is that in any of your drugs?

The problem with allergy testing can be that it can vary from day to day so what you can be allergic to one day you might not necessarily be on the next day


Hi my husband has the same problem,but at the moment we can only put it down to a drug he's taking. But he's due to see a consultant on Thursday should he have any answers I'll put a post on. Take care


@gemini71 thanks for your reply. Look forward to your update.


Does he drink anything with flavored creamer, 1/2&1/2, ice cream? Try eliminating any food products that contain Carageenan


Itching all over? Opiate Pain Medication, perhaps. You aren't adding opium to your waffles again, are you?

hmmm sounds kinda good


Very funny, but no. Not taking any meds.. especially not opiates :)


opiates were an idea. does Benadryl help, or showering.

If benadryl helps then the cause may be a food, showering helps shower more often OR, I'd suggest changing your laundry detergent to sensitive skin, perfume free Detergents make my skin itch as does perfumey bar soap. I use Ivory, or Dr. Bronner's Bar soaps. I apply organic Shea butter to my skin, too. Hope those ideas help. Opium Waffles would Really Sell


The best way is to keep a food intake notes.

I have had itching on and off for many years. UK testing did not identify any one problem.

Day one start with tea, no mile no sugar, see if you can do this till lunch time.

Boiled rice for lunch nothing else.

Same for dinner.

Day two, day three the same.

After a week you can introduce egg, chicken and few cooked vegetables.

Please do cook vegetables, steam or boiled. No fruits at the moment. The latex in fruits and veg can give problem as well therefore it is imperative you make a note of all food intake and reactions!!

Note any reactions. If no reaction, introduce milk to tea and see what happens and son on. MY GP could not help me at all. I worked it out myself what to avoid.

good luck.

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I have this from time to time. It can be all over but really bad around my back, neck, arms, hips, chest. Firstly, I have Gilbert's Syndrome with high levels of bilirubin and this can cause intense itching - issues with the liver generally can cause intense itching. But the main cause for me is due to blood overheating. It is much worse over winter - in fact I can't remember having it in the summer months. It can be brought on by being too warm, particularly in bed. Heated seats in the car can bring it on and hot showers cause horrendous itching a couple of hours later. So it is now getting warmer so I have removed blankets in bed, no need for heated seats and showers are a bit cooler - guess what, itching has reduced considerably. Oh, too much vitamin C will also bring on itching but that is different in that it is an allergy for me, I can literally feel the itch progress from the top of my body right down to the bottom and it eventually gets to my ankles and feet and then it goes. Hope this helps and good luck.

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It helps. I went to a Chinese medicine man, he did say my blood id warm and the reason for my hay fever! I had acupuncture and it has helped but very expensive. I do take one Zertik Allergy 10mg once a day to keep itch away from Me. This is in our family! I have to watch my food intake as well.


@bala Thanks Bala. Unfortunately, Zirtec makes me itchy.


@jules12345 Thanks Jules. I have high levels of bilirubin which my doctor tends to ignore.


Some health problems I had "disappeared" when I went organic. No more itchy dry skin (even in winter), food addictions and cravings went (don't know where:), and my son's allergies that he had for years are gone as well. I don't know if it will help you too, but, that's my suggestion to try.


Eliminate any food or body products that contain Carageenan took me 4yrs to find what was making me itch-hope it helps!


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