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Inspiration needed please :(

Hi all .. So today is that day! I keep telling myself that I will start a weight loss plan tomorrow and the everyday the lbs are still piling on! Has anyone got any ideas for LOW COST meals that the family will enjoy but are still low in calories? Also breakfast and lunch ideas that I can have while on the go. I don't always get time to sit and eat breakfast or lunch so tend to skip them and then snack on unhealthy quick easy options instead. Just seems to be that all the healthy options in the supermarkets are double the price of the unhealthy ones. Thank you in advance for any advice :)

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That is amazing .. thank you!


You can do it! I'm just starting too, at the moment I'm 3rd week in but I lack will power hard so I haven't stuck to my diet and I've been to the gym once :/ but! Every day is a fresh day, I think for you meal prep is a great idea for the break fast and lunches you tend to miss.

The night before, make your lunch so that you have it there alongside your bag in the morning and no extra fuss is needed :) I have things like cous cous and roasted vegetables with tuna or because its so easy to make, is filling and healthy. I also try to take something sweet that's healthy so I don't feel like I'm missing out! This ranges from baked apple thins or a two- fingered kit kat. At just 107 cals the kit kat doesn't make me feel bad at all lol! on top of this I take a small box of nuts and a piece of fruit for mid- morning and mid afternoon snacks. I hope that helps you! For breakie I just recommend chopped fruit and natural yoghurt, it's easy and if you get the mini pots of yoghurt from tesco or something for 50p you can just take it to work with you and eat it once your settled!

Good luck! i'll be starting alongside you :) x


Hey! I'm on day 4 of 'being healthy' and so far I'm doing ok. I also struggle for breakfast/lunch ideas as I work in an office and eat my breakfast at my desk and when I speak to people about what they eat for breakfast they always suggest things that require lots of cooking and I just don't have the time (or what to eat as soon as I have woken up)! I tend to have my carbs at lunch (jacket potato, healthy sandwich, sweet potato with salad) and have a lighter meal at night. I have just started a private facebook group called Today I Make Friends With Salad which anyone who is wanting to lose weight is free to join. It's just a page to share ideas, recipes and motivate each other. I've been on one before when I was doing JuicePlus and it really does help with motivation. If you want to join just search Today I Make Friends With Salad or search for me on fb with and I will add you. It's very new and only 2 members (including me) at the moment as only created it yesterday. Good luck! Stay positive and the weight will drop off.


Try buying things in bulk, that's always cheaper. You can stock up on rice and other whole grains, beans, etc. It's also cheaper to buy large packages of frozen meat. When making dinner, plan ahead and make extra so that you can easily put it in a Tupperware container and take it to work. Even if you're on the go, you can carry it in your bag with a fork and take a few moments to eat. And if snacking throughout the day is really just your style, than try bringing easy-to-prepare healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, and sliced veggies, such as carrots or celery. Hummus and crackers are always great for some added protein. Hope this helps!


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