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Does calorie content change when food is cooked? And do I calculate from the raw or cooked calorie content?

I am new to the 12 week weight loss programme and sticking to 1,400 calories per day. It seems that some (or is it all?) foods contain different calories when raw and cooked and I am struggling with how best to calculate my calorie consumption. Any help will be much appreciated!

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What are you using for your database? I use an app / computer program called My Fitness Pal, which has most basic foods, raw or cooked, and allows you to read bar codes on packaged goods and download the nutrition info on the label. You can save meals if you are in the habit of the same thing for breakfast, for example. You can enter recipes and save that for future use too. Some users plan their meals and pre-enter their plan, this helps them stay on track. I plan my foods but enter as the day goes on, adjusting as i go.

It allows you to track your exercise habits as well, you can either enter it yourself or link to some activity tracking apps and gadgets.

I track calories but try to keep fat, carbs, and protein within a certain percentage each. Yes, i can see this on that app as well. And i report my weight. Given my own ability to obsess, i pay more attention to my weekly results than my day to day. That way, a day with a food or exercise breakdown doesnt seem a catastrophe as i know i can bring things around in the next few days, or that i have enough already earned cushion of calories earned through exercise that, in the long run, i am still OK.


My Fitness Pal app is super!! Its the only way i have ever had success. So simple and enjoyable (as enjoyable as counting cals can be!) to use. It is sensible too - tells u off if u eat too few cals!!


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