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Thinking back to the last time you had food poisoning, where do you think you got it?

Thinking back to the last time you had food poisoning, where do you think you got it?

Hi everyone, today is World Health Day. This year's theme is food safety, so let's talk about it!

Can you remember the last time you had food poisoning?

Was it at home or at a restaurant?

What do you do to protect yourself (and your loved ones) from food poisoning?

Have a look at the quiz (image above) and check your answers here:

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If supermarket chilled food can give food poisoning and we do not understand this, who is going to help us? All the supermarket wants is to make profit.

Can get food poisoning in both places but one has to be very careful as you cannot small or take food poisoning!

How do you protect? Try your best!

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Don't think I ever have, hope I never do!

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That is great! I wish I could say the same...


Gordano Services Restaurant around about 15 years ago, Chicken Curry and Rice, the Rice was Grey, Stodgy and Metallic Tasting, it was late at night and I was hungry after driving all day, the rice had probably been sat in there for most of the day. Oh boy was I ill, I had to be taken to hospital.

I'm so aware now of the dangers rice can pose if not prepared, handled and stored correctly, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

The time before that was in Egypt after eating some fruit from a street peddler, learned after, that a lot of fruit and veg in Egypt at the time was fertilized using human excrement and is rarely washed prior to vending :/ Ended up in the ship's sickbay for several days on a dripp, go me out of some work though! :)


As most of the rice is white is colour, when old rice is mixed with new rice it is very difficult to tell the different, shop keeper wants to make money!

Food poising from old rice can be very bad! In hot countries old rice is kept in water and some people eat cold rice for breakfast and drink the water.

No one ever get sick with this breakfast!

As a rule I do not eat fruit overseas with out washing and also only eat fruit like a banana or orange, and also only drink bottled water or hot tea without milk. I had bad experience in drinking cold milk in Nigeria while working.


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