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Walking in the Lake District

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The Lake District is one of my favourite places. There are no end of walks and it is so popular with walkers that most restaurants, pubs and cafes are welcoming of hikers and their dogs.

Whatever the weather the Lake District has so much to offer.


We used Ambleside as our base and the photo is where we stopped off for a cup of tea whilst out on a hike in May a couple of years ago. True tranquility and not another soul around.

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What no Tesco's or Mc'D's LOL...this looks very tranquil Ali.

The Lake District gets lots of visitors around 20M pa and sadly I think many people stay near their cars or coaches so I expect the roads near Windermere and the car parks tell a different story which's great for the likes of us who like to get away from all of that.

My inlays lived in Lancashire so they'd take us up around the lakes and they are fabulous.

Here's a link with some stunning photo's of Buttermere Lake:


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Beautiful photos πŸ™‚

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