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How the Gut Microbiodome Influences Your Mental & Physical Health

Excellent article.


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I went on a gut health diet and lost25 pounds and i feel better.  However I still have severe ptsd and trauma issues.  Fat stores toxins.  As one loses fat the toxins are released which in the long run is a good thing.  However in the short run as toxins are released  it made me feel like craps.  My worst time emotionally was during the weight loss.  Glad i did it but it is rough.  


Fat not only holds toxins, the brain in trauma releases a hormone called cortisol which makes people fat in the middle. Wheat does that too but the stress hormone is a b*tch.


I am finishing a book titled Brain Maker: The power of gut microbes to heal and protect your brain. There are so many books out regarding the gut-brain connection, the mind body connection etc. They are fascinating and very informative.  There are also books on neuroplasticity. We can not only rewire our brains, we can heal our brains by changing our diet. Isn't that fantastic? It gives me hope.


I can say that the time of my weight loss was the worst time in my recovery. 


Thanks this was a good article.