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Recovery time and how it goes


Hi, after my SAH haemorrhage, I spent a week in intensive care on a drip and 3 weks in a ward, my memory was not terrible, I was walking OK and speech and writing were fine. It is now 4 weeks since leaving the hospital, my memory is worse, mobility poor, has anyone else experienced a deteriation during the start of their recovery. As I was doing so well in the 4 weeks after the operation, I was sure I would be one of those people who took 3 months to be 100% normal again.

I am now getting depressed as now feel I have a long way to go.

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I felt a deterioration in my abilities over the course of many years, I was still developing and that probably contributed...but yes the old adage of "the effects of brain injury are immediate and permanent" doesn't always apply. Based on my experience, I believe that problems can emerge many years later when the right circumstances present themselves. You'll continue to undergo a process of discovery and it's important that you're psychologically prepared to deal with it even if problems eventually are sorted out. But what you're going through I can relate to.

Well I feel like I am moving backwards at the moment, scared of sharp implements in the kitchen so my partner is having to learn to cook, as well as now being my chauffeur due to having t give up my license. He also takes care of most of the shopping, the laundry and worst of all my mood swings, how long will he cope ???

I was supposed to go back to work next month yet I am not capable of making a sandwich let alone care for the elderly with Alzheimer's and dementia.

My boss Is great, she is taking me back part time on light duties, but what if I can not cope with even that, will I get dismissed or signed off sick again.

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Can you read? If so, I'd offer you to borrow a book you might find useful about someone who went through the same thing. You might learn something from it, you're not alone the symptoms you have are very common.

I can read, but the problem is, more than a few sentences and I am then unable to both read and register what I am reading, but the offer was very kind of you xx, I think I will be totally honest with how scared I am, the pain I am in and let him do his tests and hopefully their will be something to help

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I guess it's not for everyone, yes it was kind of me, I hope your tests come thru fine. x

I feel like I have got worse as well. I had a catastrophic sah and multiple organ failure. I also had right side paralysis and in my 7 weeks of rehab I did really well. This all happened on 23rd December 2011. Yet since last November I feel as if I'm going downhill. I to felt like I was going to be one of those people who went back to work quickly or within 7 months but it has not happened. In fact I only started to realise how ill I had been then so don't rush yourself, take each day as it come and remember you have been really ill. Good luck with the future xxx

Well I have just got back from the doctors, he was very good and spent 30 minutes with me, he said if I am sick then 999 it as the bad headache and slight stiffness of the neck should not be present right now. They organised a visit back to the hospital in London on the 17th and the doctor wants to see me on the 18th and I am having a short break in Bruges on the 19th till the 23rd, so busy week. He also mentioned some form of rehab and said to question why rehab had not been given in the first place.

Cheers Lissaip

and good luck with your recovery.

Just taken loads of pills for pain and put a new pain patch on, so think I am going to put my head down for 30 minutes.


Hi kjg001,

Thank you for your question - I am sorry to hear of the problems you are continuing to experience. The recovery process happens at a different pace for different people, and things can seem to go up and down.

It sounds like you would benefit from some additional support and information - can I suggest you contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or

They can talk things through with you in detail, send you information that might help, speak about referrals you could seek to medical professionals and give details of local Headway groups and branches that could perhaps help.

Best wishes,


That sounds great, but going to put my head down till the headache clears, then will give you a buzz

Many Thanks.


yes I had exactly the same experiance where I was up down up down, It felt like three steps forward and two steps back, for me it was a slow process but it does get better

Hope your nap has helped, kig, & you're feeling a bit better. I've got the impression that you're a stress-head on top of everything else. As you pursue various medical solutions, try to remember that two months, since your sah, is a very short time. I was discharged two months after my sah and told recovery would be a long, slow process. I'm fifteen months on now and there are still issues, mainly tiredness and memory failure..... oh and poor balance.

It really is very early days in terms of your recovery and, whilst following the medical advice of your doctors, maybe you'd consider some cognitive therapy to reduce your stress levels. It's possible some of your symptoms are stress induced.

Hope things start to improve soon. x PS enjoy Bruges.

tiredness, memory failure and poor balance, not to mention the head pain is where I am now, I walk like a drunk, I have an appointment in outpatients next week, you were lucky they told you about your recovery, I was told nothing about mine. Sounds like you are good and well now brighton, very pleased for you it is great to hear things like that on here as it gives me hope that some day i might drive, go to work and not have to take pills or wear patches and be able to cook meals without doing silly things like throwing the veg in the sink and letting stuff boil over or burn.

Thanks you for taking the time to respond.


The problem with Bi is that we are subject to a lot of environmental influences, whilst I was in hospital for six weeks I was unstimulated, mostly unstressed and slept ninety percent of the time. Then when we leave life suddenly hits us full in the face, a lot of fuss, decisions and stress, so Bang! Big load on the brain and all of a sudden we are going backwards. For instance I never suffered a seizure until about being two weeks out of hospital, and that was caused by the sheer emotional joy of a spicy curry and some ice cream. I'm now four years into it and only now do I have a reign on emotion and stress and make small inroads into true recovery. There are always times where it feels I'm going backwards but these are fleeting an temporary..Stick at it fella and don't expect too much too soon, but you will improve.

But and its a big but, only if you do what the experts tell you to do and continue to do that for the rest of your life, no exceptions.

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