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The Spoon Theory

i was reminded of this the other day

i hadn't thought about it for quite some time, and am guessing most people have read it or know about it.

but in case you haven't it is here

i know she is talking about a physical disability but it applies equally to brain injury too


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Very good.



I was told a similar story which made sense in my jumbled brain and I now always carry some miniature spoons on a key ring with me everywhere!

Linda xx


wow never thought about it that way i try to tell people about brain damage and the limitations it has on us not knowing from one minute to one hour to one day to one week how we feel and what we can and cant do, thank you for heinz soups etc,love you all, john.xxx


That is so clever!


I found that both very moving and an accurate away to communicate what it 's like to have an injury /illness! thank you for sharing this.


My friend with M.E. introduced me to this and it has become a part of my daily communication, for example I have just been away for three days for a hospital appointment so my partner knows that today is a no spoons day and tomorrow I will have to wait and see what the spoon situation is. My friend often posts her spoon status on facebook and all her friends know what that means. It is a very useful way to let those around you know how you are feeling.

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