What's the best way to combat my fear of claustrophobia when getting a MRI ? I can't bear the thought of closing my eyes as othershave said

I know I will only be in for 20 minutes but this seems like a lifetime and as this is my third MRI I know what to expect but it doesn't get any easier the doctor gave me 2mg diazipam which takes the edge off !but due to my size I'm worried about getting stuck help please!

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  • I just had my 3rd and final MRI scan last Monday. It is quite a claustrophobic machine but it does a very important and valuable service for people like you and me. But if you are really scared maybe you could ask your GP for a one-off 5mg of diazepam..........only, that is, so long as you're not driving.

    If you're claustrophobic it can be a 'trapped' feeling but I just focus really hard on how that machine is working for my protection and well-being...........sort of seeing it as a 'friend' checking to see that I'm ok.

    You won't get trapped celtic. You have a call button in your hand the whole time and the radiographer is watching you constantly. But I understand that such fears are not rational and if I were that apprehensive I would probably opt for the diazepam.

    Best wishes Cat x

  • Thank you for your help I got diazepam but 2 mg dose it helped a bit the last time just wondered if there where anything else to try but I will stick to the 2 mg that along with the radiographer talking to me in the quiet periods in the scan will help ! Again thank you so much for your help !

  • Hi, I don't have a fear of MRI's but since my SAH 6 years ago I have other fears about hospitals and treatments. A Neuropsychologist introduced me to Mindfulness meditation which has made a big difference in many ways. This may help you if not already tried.

    Good luck


  • thank you will keep it in mind

  • Its strange prior to my BI, I had a few MRI and didn't mind them too much. Since my last injury I have had two that I we had to abort. I jarred my back as part of the fall and I get problems lying flat on the hard surface, putting on the neck brace and chest frame makes the problem worse especially squeezing my large shoulders and chest in

    If I have to have another one, I will try having diazepam

  • Hi, I have had about 6 brain mri's including when I have to come out half way for a dye injection, that makes it worse. But I always ask for a mirror now that makes it ok as its positioned so that you can see the radiographer and others there and it has a light so you dont feel claustrophobic at all and it really works and is fine. I have found that generally you do have to ask for it though?

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well!


  • One of the strange effects of my injury is that I find it difficult to process images in mirrors that reflect at an angle - weird

  • I have trouble with mirrors too, processing the images is weird, I nearly freaked out the first time I went to the hairdressers, looking at those multiple images, I couldn't work out where I was or what was real!!!!!! I avoid looking at myself in the mirror too, can't explain it !!! Janet

  • Of all the places not to have them my optician has mirrored walls. There is one corner where two mirrors come together with diagonal displays on top. I can feel my brain going into overload if it look at it.

  • I Know what you mean. I had a few. I found it easier when I asked them to turn the lights off in the room. It's not pitch dark it's like when you're in bed with door open and the landing light on. I also ask for a knee rest and a blanket as it's so cold in there I grip the blanket in one hand and the alarm in the other and breathe. Very slowly really concentrating on each breathe. I found I was so busy I noticed the machine less. I know the. Machine is hot but why is the room so cold....

  • Well you've had two already right? If the machine hasn't eaten you by now I don't think it will this time :)

    One time I was extremely tired due to poor sleeping all that week, and I pretty much fell asleep during the whole thing, maybe give that a go? Probably not my best advice...

  • Thanks BSA it didn't go well this time as I'd put on a bit more weight since my last time I didn't feel comfortable as it was a tight squeeze and had a panic attack and didn't go ahead with the scan being referred to another hospital with a bigger scanner hope things go better this time as I'm getting more nervous about them !

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