Nailing the proper target to the "Nasty Party"?

Nailing the proper target to the "Nasty Party"?


I began this as a comment on "i curse in a verse" but I think now it deserves to be a topic in itself, so I will let you all be the judge of this?

I do feel for you, it is very frightening (with this Tory gov, pretending to reform but really picking of "the low hanging fruit"...), but to rush to judgement, when one looks around one & one sees something that you cannot easily explain, be warned, one may not know the whole story, in fact, one almost certainly don't know enough to make such a judgement...fear, isolation, self doubt, turning in upon itself...

The fact is that it is a well known tactic: to attempt to split the ranks of an opposing group (with trumped up half truths backed up by dodgy statistics...) & then you keep on splitting the opposition, while wiping up the mob into a frenzy of lose talk about how their tax is being wasted or stolen from them (through the media going on & on about it, making it sound bigger & bigger), then they can present the most horrendous, xenophobic, bigoted, extreme, policies & turn them into "laws"? Does this sound like any situation you know of? Egypt, Russia, Iran, & of course Germany under Hitler, not that western govs don't do the same, because, they do, but perhaps a bit more cleverly. It's not that I am suggesting that the Tory party are planning gassing the disabled on mass, but this is how policies begin they creep in a bit at a time under the guise of something else - The Reform of the Benefits System - this is the same tactic.

Solidarity, is our defence against this, don't give in to the wedges of division that will start tearing us apart from within. Of course, there are cheats & etc., (in DLA, as there will be in the Universal Benefits system, it has long been known that fraud & waste are inevitable in such legislation & changing its name will not change that), but a policy of cutting heads off in response to headaches, while it will cure the headache is, to put it mildly, a bit extreme? One may say, if this is so, why are they doing it? It is for the following reason: the Tory party know that cutting this is easier than the reforming of the financial system that caused the 'crash' (& of course, this is where the Tory's make all their money, jobs for rich kids, i.e., Bankers).

It's not even that DLA & the benefits system are not worthy of reform, they need simplifying & etc., but using the excuse of that to alter the conditions so radically that one needs to be practically dead before one qualifies, & then to say one doesn't, because, if one can understand & fill in the form then that necessarily means one is fit to work, because, it is so long & complex q.e.d.! Another Tory gov. scares society so much that they pick upon it's weakest members, shame on you Tory voters? All decent members of society would surely defend & protect it's weakest members, instead of putting them to the wall?

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  • We put my dear friend ! The harassment caused by the government makes my blood boil

    While they thinking of new ways to cut welfare and accuse every one of cheats they have no problem in giving more and more to foreign aid , the whole thing stinks to high heaven and I for one are counting tbe days to the next election.


  • Ment to say well put , typing on a phones keyboard is tricky!

  • Thank you for taking the trouble to read it. It saddens me when I read/see so much anxiety & fear about merely the process of DLA, ESA, & bringing in an outside company to do the assessments. When I think of the waste, the gambled away money, & out right stolen money by bankers, derivative/short sell/& etc., traders when it all amounts to betting? And, they pay themselves a fortune & we all have to pay when they get it wrong. They don't even have to learn & experience a long & complex subject or be taught a highly skilled trade like being a Dr or an engineer, they don't even have to manage like a business man or produce or make anything? And, we - society - collude in this confidence trick, by going along with it & their representatives, you guessed it: the Nasty Party.

  • you ramble but I think I get the point, and agree with you; I have heard that people on benefit are having their claim suspended for many weeks;4/5 even 6 weeks, then told they can make a new claim, leaving them without any means of support during the suspension, or method of paying off any debts incurred while their benefit was suspended. If this is the case, then I think it is a wicked method of apparently saving money at the expense of those in society who most need it. Or even worse is this intimidation? I am sure we may all have heard of someone at some time who 'we' feel is not justifiably unemployed or sick, but it is not for us to judge. If the government think there are bogus claimants then target those, and not further disadvantage people who are already as low they can be.

  • Forgive me (this is my disability) I am only just learning this "Blogging Thing" & as said it was originally a comment upon something else that grew...

    I'm not one of the 'loony left', just a moderate socialist, but what I do take umbrage at is the deceit & lies of this Tory gov. & party. At least Margret stood up for what she believed in & told the truth no disguises?

  • yes I've been thinking back to the years of Ma Thatch, and while I hated the woman, she did have a vision, along with policies for economic growth

  • I do hope your not thinking I'm a looney left?

    I'm agreeing with you.

    The government cuts have affected just about everyone I know on benefit.

    My grievance is that those not in a position to fight back are paying the price of a recession that they had no part in making

  • No, no, sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were the loony left (is that P.C. of me I do apologise, if it is)... I was referring to myself, if anything, I was trying to intimate that this is going to be a humanitarian crisis irrespective of politics.

    My thoughts exactly match yours, disabled people are being thrown to the wolves, when society a caring should be doing the opposite?

  • The news reporting of an old woman dying in hospital for want of a drink of water left me shuddering at the state this country and NHS is in

  • you both make such sense when really you shouldn't!. (BI survivors ) They make no sense when really they should! (politicians!)..... Lets just say the ones who fraud the system be it benefit or insurances etc are the ones who make premiums rise and benefits lowered. So the genuine claimants take the flack..... But it is a sunny day so lets enjoy it .because we can.

  • I didn't mean to be boring, it is a (bad) habit of my profession (philosophy).

    Part of my point was that: yes, we should completely abhor the cheats & etc., but when one studies the actual numbers (of cheats) you find that there is very very few? Statistically & practically, all laws & the implementation of such (i.e., DLA, U.B., & so on) contain flaws & grey areas of flexibility, they are as they are, because, we are as we are, but also because the tighter that one frames these the more genuine claimants will be excluded. So in order to make as few of these errors as possible there will always be a few cheats who get through. This is because medicine, illnesses, & B.I. are by their very nature non-standard & particular, they defy definition, i.e., take myself for example, who would have thought that I would have even survived a gunshot to the forehead, with fragments of bullet & skull souping brains? But, that was the luckiest day of my life? Do that same injury to billions of people over millions of years & not one would turn out as my injury has turned out. Trying to fit the definition of injury & disablement is a very hard thing to attempt to do, thus the criteria to fit will, of necessity, be very wide.

    So, to introduce a bill to narrow those criteria under the guise of reforming to attempt to get rid of a few cheats is disingenuous to the point of deceit & telling down right lies.

    As for your other recommendation: "carpe diem" - seize the day, I know of no better...

  • I find talk of 'cheats' insulting. Prior to my illness I managed a service including housing, subsistence etc, there was very little room for cheating, but it happened, and when it did cheating was targeted not respond with the approach that everyone is guilty of fraud until proven innocent. If there is concern over cheating the first people to approach would be the case workers. That would save MONEY and avoid humiliating people who are unable to fight back.

    I am so grateful that I am not on benefit, so I am not a victim the state. I do receive mobility allowance and low carers component. I do fear loosing this as without my blue badge I would be extremely limited on getting around. Some time back I was called for reassessment, and was quite surprised/amused when the assessing doctor responded by saying 'this is a waste of my time', 'who sent you for reassessment?'

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